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Iran Deal: The Rise of “Lesser Evil” in Belgian Parliament

Overnight, a bill was approved in the...

“Hijab Wall, Regime Wall – Talk About Their Fall”

IRGC media claims the injured woman by...

State of Fear- Massive Wave of Arrests

IRGC Intelligence arrested Saeed DamvarIntelligence agents arrested...

More Repression, More Arrests, More Hijab, More Protests


  • Filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof in solitary
  • Islamic Republic intensifies its efforts in imposing “Hijab laws!”
  • 7 college professors expelled for “dancing”
  • “Smart filtering of Internet” (Sianat, صیانت) begins
  • Iranians unable to afford their basic needs
  • Retirees’ protests continues
  • Regime begins uranium enrichment with advanced centrifuges
  • Multiple health crises in Iran

Golden Bear Winner of Berlinale in Solitary

Mohammad Rasoulof was arrested on Friday, July 8. Mustafa Al-Ahmad, another filmmaker, was arrested with him. The two directors signed the “Put down your gun” letter to Islamic Republic oppressive forces during Abadan protests, after the Metropol building collapsed and people were being crushed by the regime forces. According to Rasoulof’s attorney, he’s in solitary confinement and is charged for signing the letter.

Berlinale officials called the arrest “shocking” and “dismaying!” The festival directors urged the Islamic Republic to release the two ASAP.

“Morality Security Police” Formed

Islamic Republic Police announced a new division will begin its mission soon. The “Morality Security Police” will be primarily responsible in enforcing the “Commanding Good & Forbidding Evil Base” orders, including “hijab.” In the meantime, the regime has gathered all its might, from media to IRGC, from local authorities to its president, to impose the widely unpopular “hijab laws!” Social media is filled with stories about arrests, citations and court summons.

7 Professors Expelled…

Kermanshah Medical Sciences University expelled 7 professors because they attended a commencement ceremony and participated in a mixed “male-female” traditional Kurdish dance. Deputy head of the university in Education also cited “bad hijab” as one of the reasons for showing them the door.

“Smart Filtering” Excused by Hijab

Interior Ministry’s head of “Hijab Committee” in a letter to ICT Ministry has requested “smart filtering of internet” to be implemented. The filtering is part of the “Internet Protection Bill” (Sianat) which has been on the news for months where Islamic Republic intelligence services will have full access to all users’ information and flow of information will be severely restricted. “Sianat” bill is inspired from the Chinese internet where the regime would dictate what people could/could not access.

Unbelievable Prices

The inflation continues to cripple families. The majority are unable to buy their daily basic needs such as bread, rice, sugar, flour, pasta,… At the same time, the stores are forced to shut down due to lack of demand. The economy worsens by the day.

“Bankrupt Regime, Enemy of Retiree”

Social Security pensioners and retirees continue their daily protests across Iran. The protesters demand fair wages and laws which the Islamic Republic has not been able to provide.

Enrichment in Fordow

As Iranians suffer in poverty, the Islamic Republic begins uranium enrichment at advanced centrifuges in Fordow site. IAEA reports: “On 9 July 2022, the Agency verified that Iran had begun feeding UF6 enriched up to 5% U-235 into the cascade of 166 IR-6 centrifuges with modified sub-headers for the declared purpose of producing UF6 enriched up to 20% U-235,” another breach of the JCPOA as talks to revive the agreement has stalled.

TB, Crimea-Congo Fever, COVID-19, Air Pollution…

COVID-19 is on the rise once again. 4 counties are turned “red” and 14 designated “orange” status. National COVID-19 Task Force announced “mask mandates” in red and orange cities, indoors and outdoors. Raisi demanded all travelers to be tested before entering the country. At the same time, he emphasized on holding “great Arbaeen gatherings!” Crowded Muharram and Arbaeen gatherings have been pet peeves of medical professionals in the past 2 years but the theocratic regime insists on holding them without any precautions.

Meanwhile, TB continues to spread in prisons and 51 Crimea-Congo hemorrhagic fever cases have been confirmed in Iran. Air pollution threatens the lives of residents of metropolitans. Tehran continues to suffer while Khuzestan is in dire situation.


Official covid-19 stats

Total deaths
Updated on August 11, 2022 2:42 AM
Total recovered
Updated on August 11, 2022 2:42 AM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on August 11, 2022 2:42 AM
Total active cases
Updated on August 11, 2022 2:42 AM


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