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Soodi S
Soodi S
I’ve tied my hair to the threshold of freedom, so anytime if I distance from freedom, my hair would be pulled out and my scalp would hurt! So I would always remember that it is painful to distance oneself from freedom!


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German historian Professor Michael Wolffsohn،, in article published on Bild, warns: “The next disaster that will soon happen in the scene of world politics would be the nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic.”

He says: “We know the two recent disasters that have just occurred and will cause chaos in  the world for many years to come are: Afghanistan in August 2021 and Ukraine in February 2022. Both were predictable and due to the stupidity and self-deception of Western “peace shawms” in politics and societies, turned into tragic realities.  

The same is true about the nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic. They will most likely sign the deal any day now. Once again, Western Superpowers are in the scene. This means that in addition to the United States, Britain, and France, we, i.e., Germany, also play a role. And once again they want to sell us this “self-deception” as “success” and “peace policy.” They claim that this agreement will prevent the Islamist regime in Iran from becoming a nuclear military force.

Let’s look into the facts. Mullahs in Iran are fanatic, barbaric, and extremely dangerous, yet they are not stupid. They have learned the lesson of recent years. The lesson tells them: Whoever voluntarily forgo owning nuclear weapons initiates his own downfall .

The mullahs reached this conclusion based on two distinct historical and significant events: the fall of Libyan dictator Gaddafi and Ukraine’s current struggle for survival.

In 2003/2004, Gaddafi refrained from the nuclearization of his army and was overthrown and killed in 2011 by a military coalition from both within and outside the country. Without his renunciation, his political opponents at home would not have the support from abroad (Britain, France with the help of US President Barack Obama) and Gaddafi would have remained in power. Whether or not him remaining in power was desirable, is a separate argument. In any case, the current inhumane ongoing chaos (in Libya) has not changed much from Gaddafi’s rein. Nevertheless, refraining from nuclear weapon was the beginning of the end of the former Libya.

In 1994, Ukraine renounced nuclear weapons during the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances and immediately fulfilled its obligations. In contrast, Ukraine received “guarantees” for its territorial integrity and independence (national sovereignty) as well as the inviolability of its borders. The involved powers giving out guarantees were Russia, United States and France. Today it is clear to all of us that these “guarantees” were worthless, even less than the sheets of papers they were written on. It is true that the aggressor is Putin’s Russia, but the meaning of “guarantee”, not only in the United States and the United Kingdom, but anywhere else, whatever the case, is not the conducts we see from these two countries now.

History professor, Michael Wolffsohn – Credit: DORIS SPIEKERMANN-KLAAS

No civilized person can sympathize with the Iranian mullahs. But given recent events, it must be admitted that the mullahs’ waiver of achieving nuclear military capability would be tantamount to suicide.

This means: The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China, by claiming that the revived nuclear deal with Iran will ensure its nuclear disarmament, are telling a big lie to the world. The fact that Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China are fooling the world is nothing new. But who would have thought that our senior Western politicians would lie to us so shamelessly? Or don’t they really know what they and their advisers are doing at their huge offices? If this is the case, they are just as naive as they were about Ukraine and Afghanistan.

In addition to the aforementioned points: Do Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China play as “guarantors” in an agreement that supposedly brings peace? As if the thief has become the city’s sheriff!

The question that remains is whether Russia can use this agreement to circumvent the sanctions that the West has imposed against it for invading Ukrainian territory, through its economic relations with the Islamic Republic? And will the Russians use the opportunity or not?

“Sleep Eludes Me”

We will get oil. As it is heard, the IRGC’s name will be removed from the list of terrorist organizations as reward (for the Islamic Republic). As a reminder: The IRGC is the spearhead of state-sponsored terrorism of the Islamic Republic in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, the Gaza Strip and Syria. Oil for blood. Didn’t the West, didn’t Ms. Baerbock, intend to show the world how moral and real politics can be reconciled and pursued?

When German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced “Zeitenwende” in his speech in the Bundestag on February 27, 2022, we could draw hope. It seemed that the new German government has arrived at reality, unlike the Angela Merkel and Gerhard Schroeder’s era. Another illusion vanished. Sleep eludes me, yet again!

There is a silver lining, though: Iran’s neighbors who are threatened by the Islamic Republic, Israel above all, are more prepared to defend themselves against a military strike than Ukraine. They also have learned their lessons from the Ukraine and Afghanistan disasters caused by Western powers: a proper military response is good, but due to its greater certainty, preventative military measures are better. Western powers’ guarantees are futile too, let alone guarantees from China and Russia. And good words from the West, along with many tears, has no value, either.”

In introducing the author, Bild wrote:

“History professor Michael Wolffsohn in his book, “Toward World Peace”, published in 2015, predicted the events we are witnessing today between Russia and Ukraine, accurately.”

Translation of this article published in Bild and this post from Sahar.

For cover, Jakob Madsen on Unsplash was used.

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