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No Gun, No Bullet, No Saman Yasin: Only IRIB Video & Execution Order

Saman Seydi aka Saman Yasin, a rapper from Kermanshah, is sentenced to death. He was arrested at his house on October 2, 2022 in Tehran and appeared in Islamic Revolutionary Court presided over by the “execution judge”, Salavati, on October 29, 2022, for the first time! Saman was charged with “Muharebeh” on the same day, and per Sharia laws, was sentenced to death.

Saman’s mother, on December 7, 2022, released a video asking for help and announcing his son’s sentence. She said: “Where in the world they kill somebody for (burning) a garbage can!?”

Esmaeil Beigi, a lawyer, reported that he was only allowed to register as his lawyer on December 8, 2022! Mr. Beigi explained that Islamic Revolutionary Court Branch 15 did not allow him to represent Saman! He continued: “Saman had some kind of a lawyer at his court session but even that person did not have access to the full extent of the case. We do not know whether he was chosen by the regime or was court appointed!” Mr. Beigi said even he is not granted access to the case because “they said it is classified!”

The lawyer describes what prosecution has filed as evidence against Saman Seydi and mentioned their contradictions. “There are 2 videos from that day, both from IRIB (Islamic Republic Radio & TV)!” One of those videos is from the first court session and another one showing somebody shooting in the air! Mr. Beigi emphasized that there is no way you could recognize the person in the video as Saman, even if you knew him personally! He continued: “You can see the person shooting in the air, agents are standing in front of him! He then runs away!”

Another problem is the gun itself! There is no gun and/or bullet in evidence! In the video, there’s a flame seen from the gun when fired. Saman had admitted to having a pellet gun which has no flame or even loud noise that could “terrorize people!” Prosecution had claimed that Saman had thrown the gun out of a car! But, the video, the base of all their evidence, shows that the person runs away, he does not get into a car.

Mr. Beigi hopes that Islamic Republic Supreme Court allows him to read the full case and present his evidence to exonerate Saman Seydi. Saman Seydi’s case is full of holes, but it is notable, Mohsen Shekari was not allowed appeal and the Judiciary outright said: “He had no right!”

Islamic Republic has ramped up its execution machine to intimidate and terrorize the society. The regime is using all its forces to quell the revolution which was sparked by state-murder of Mahsa Amini 87 days ago! Mohsen Shekari was the first of protesters who was executed without due process and was killed in a 75-day sham trial! After he was murdered, a clip which was published by the Islamic Republic Judiciary website of what he had allegedly done to “deserve death!” An animation clip produced by IRIB!

People of Iran have proven nothing can stop this revolution and as they keep repeating in their chants: “For every one killed, 1000 will be behind him!”

According to HRANA, between September 17, 2022 and December 10, 2022, Islamic Republic has killed at least 485 protesters, including 68 minors.



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