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November – Moritats: Dastankhah

He was a student. 15 years old. Going to school was organized by the Ministry of Education. He was present at the events. He was also killed in the incidents. His presence at the November 2019 protests was organized by the Ministry of Education, as he was on his way home from school. Hassan Rouhani, the mullah President, said at a conference on “Insurance and Development” on Wednesday morning, December 4, 2019: “Planning for the people who attended the protests began two years ago.” When he was 13 years old.

Ferdowsi School in Sadra is 15 km from Shiraz, less than that with their home. “We didn’t know the schools were closed,” said his sister, Ghazal. “We were not notified. My mother was talking on the phone at around 4pm when she found out that the schools were closed. She called my brother’s school. Mr. Khodadadi, the school’s vice principal, told my mother that he had sent my brother home. We started looking for my brother on the streets at 4 o’clock. We followed him on the street until 9 o’clock at night. My brother was not a boy who did not return home until 9 pm. At the end of the night, we only had the hospital to go to.”

A problem in the organization of forces by the ministry under Hassan Rouhani led to the murder of a 15-year-old student from Sadra. “They wanted to take action in late January and close to the election, but when the plan was announced, their masters from abroad said they were in a good position and took them to the streets,” Rouhani told at the same conference. Necessary coordination has been made between “their masters” and Mr. Khodadadi, and when Ghazal’s brother was 13 years old, he was told that he was to be shot at the end of January on Molana Street, near the gas station, on his way back from school. But everything was postponed to November 2019, and no one told him anything. His family was also unaware. As of Saturday, November 16, 2019, Ghazal’s family was 5, all of whom were alive. Since that day, four people have been alive in the family, and one, the youngest member of the family, has been shot in the heart and buried in the village of Kuh-e Sabz in Marvdasht, besides his grandfather.

Ghazal, like his younger brother, went to university without knowing it. On the street, she notices that the plans for two years ago have been moved ahead for two months, and it seems that the plans have not been made properly: “I myself came out of the house that day without knowing anything about the protests to go to university. I saw how they threw tear gas at ordinary people. They fired tear gas before firing, and when everyone fled, they started shooting. At that moment, three people were killed before the helicopter arrived. I remember it vividly, one boy was injured.”

From Gas Pomp Intersection to Amirkabir Boulevard, which is 2 km away, you’ll arrive at the the very large Abu Ali Sina hospital, which is for organ transplants. That was also built at the same time as the planning, 2 years ago in 2017, in a 100-hectares God given land.

November 2019, Bu Ali Sina was in turmoil despite previous planning and the organization of the lords and Mr. Khodadadi and the mullah president. In the last hours of November 16, 2019, when Ghazal and her mother arrived at Sadra’s transplantation, it was so dark that the statue of Abu Ali in the middle of a magnificent pool in front of the hospital entrance, could easily be mistaken for that of Syed Ali. It was as if with one hand the disabled “leader” is squeezing the text of all his speeches firmly into his chest and with the other hand he is welcoming Ghazal and her mother. “About 70 people were killed and wounded there that night,” Ghazal recalled later on from the night at Bu Ali. Seven other bodies which were killed, were in the morgue with my brother.”
The forensic examination took 5 days. They did not give the result to Ghazal’s family of 5 minus 1. Wednesday, November 20, 2019, corpsey (corpse + diminutive y …oh, how tremendous this little y is) was returned to the family after five days and they said, “The heart, spleen and lungs were damaged by penetration of a hard object.”

Translation of this article by Sahar.

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