Tuesday, September 22, 2020

November Moritats – Hidden Sorrow

Go tell Khan Shepherd
Do not come to Mughan this year
If he comes, he’ll be involved with the unjust bloodshed*

He was eight years old when he was taken from Aras. His father, Mohammad “The Plasterer”, went to Shahriar to coat the walls of the houses with plaster there and took him with himself. Five years later, when November 2019 came and Shahriar took to the streets, the lush and endless plains of Mughan still shone in his eyes. He was 13 years old. Went shopping. A bullet from national security tore him. Mohammad The Plasterer begged for three days. On Tuesday, November 19, they gave him the body of his son to take and bury him in secret, close to Aras in Mughan (1). They also sent national security with him so that he would not be alone.

Scratches from Ameneh Sadat’s (2) voice is still dripping in the ear as she forced Mohammad The Plasterer to play magic in front of the National Security Broadcasting camera and pull out a 4-year-old Basij card for his 13-year-old slain child and say, “My child has gone shopping. Was returning…this…this…happened.”

It was on Thursday, December 12, 2019, that Ameneh Sadat’s voice was heard from the national security broadcasting, welcoming Ali Khamenei’s representative, 4th Secretary of Supreme National Security Council, Defense Minister and former IRGC Minister, Navy Admiral Ali Shamkhani to the small house of Mohammad The Plasterer in Shahriar. In the intimate atmosphere of the shed, everyone was sitting on the ground, and coworkers of Ameneh National Security Sadat Zabihpour regularly ran in front of the IRIB camera to plant an extra microphone in front of the Secretary of National Security. The house was small. Everyone was sitting comfortably, except for the representative of the Supreme Leader, who did not even take off his coat and scarf in an intimate and impoverished atmosphere. He had his hands on the ground, he was out of balance, he could not bear the weight of his body on the hard ground. He was not accustomed to settling down on the floor; Everyone saw.

He looked around the plastered wall and ceiling, looking for something: “We are from the same cloth.” He said this and went to a house on Fereshteh Street with an area of ​​2600 sq meters (0.65 acres, 27,986 sq feet) and a value of one thousand billion Toman in his wife’s name. There is no one in the Mohammad The Plasterer lineage who, like Shamkhani and his brothers, went to Los Angeles with their father after high school. His brothers stayed while he returned. Years later, he would not even mention this trip (to the US), instead planted Mansouroun and Mohsen Rezaei in his memoir so that Sadat National Security Broadcasting Zabihpour could plant a microphone in front of him in the house of Mohammad The Plasterer, whose 13-year-old son had been shot dead by National Ameneh(3) Council agents, so that he would stare at the white wall and say, “We are people’s servants.”

Translation of this post by Sahar.

(1): Mughan Plain is at the northernmost part of Ardebil, NW Iran. Aras is a river between Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan. The cemetery in Mughan, is very close to Aras.

(2): Ameneh Sadat Zabihpour is a reporter at IRIB, whose been outed as a member of intelligence community participating in interrogation of dissidents who’ve been arrested. She also reports on national security issues, such as November 2019 uprising and its aftermath. Her reports are full of propaganda lies and not even close to the truth. In one of those reports, she calls majority of Nov 2019 killings as “strange and suspicious”!

(3): Ameneh is an Arabic name derived from “Amn” meaning “security.”

*Referring to an epic Azeri story, in which, Sara kills herself in Aras so that she doesn’t marry the king who had threatened her dad, when her fiance, Khan Shepherd, was out of town.

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