Thursday, August 6, 2020

Online Protest: “فروش_ایران_ممنوع”

Two weeks ago in the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Islamic Republic version of a “parliament”), he laughed nervously and artificially, a hard, white foam filled the corner of his mouth. Regime’s loyal “representatives” shouted. They called Javad Zarif a “liar”, while he was telling stories about how Khamenei has called him “brave, courageous and honest”.

On the streets, after 2 missiles brought down a Ukrainian plane and 176 passengers were killed, people shouted against Javad Zarif and the lying orchestra, of which he is an active member, chanting, “Death to the liar.”

Now, this morning, the infamous regime’s liar stood in front of the camera and said: “People should be confident that this government and no other government will give a single inch of Iranian territory to anyone and will not allow the exclusive use of a single inch of Iranian soil.” It’s only natural for people to be confident; confident that he is lying. He was talking about the 25-year “agreement” between Islamic Republic and China.

Only shortly after this Javad Zarif’s interview, a wave of protests and criticism began on social media. Twitter users expressed their opposition and anger over the Islamic Republic’s apparent betrayal of Iran’s independence and national interests by using the hashtag #فروش_ایران_ممنوع, meaning “Sale of Iran is forbidden.”

Everyone knows that when a liar says he has not given “a single inch of Iranian territory to anyone”, it means that he has auctioned the Iranian soil. And when he denies the donation of “exclusive use of an inch of Iranian territory”, it means that he has offered Iran with both hands.

This online protest is ongoing and currently spreading on social media.

Translation of this post by Sahar.

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