Saturday, November 28, 2020

Soodi S

Germany’s Appeasement Policy Must End!

It's time for appeasement policy to come to an end in regards to Islamic Republic regime. Germany must support the democracy movement in Iran!

CNN Reports False Information about Iran Election

I was checking Twitter and saw a friend talking about the Iran Election News on CNN! She was disappointed and asking me what is wrong with...

Execution Machine & Intel-Justice

Spontaneous, widespread #اعدام_نکنید should not stop, it increases the price the brutal theocratic regime has to pay for its cruelty, it should continue until all political prisoners are released unconditionally.

Bleeding Traces Of November 2019

A year has passed! Iranians mourn the loss of their brothers and sisters and will continue their way to achieve prosperity, regardless of who is the President of what country. As long as Islamic Republic is there, Iranians’ fight for liberty continues.

Afkari Brothers: One Killed & Two In Chain – Story Of A State-Crime

Islamic Republic murdered Navid Afkari in cold blood and against their own laws! What has happened to Vahid and Habib Afkari? The regime is responsible for their safety.

Attorney of Dumbness: Execution Machine Needs Silence

Babak Paknia is an attorney approved by Chief of Judiciary himself to become representative of political prisoners, to silence families and carry out sentences in secret!

Formalities to Execute Navid Afkari

Definition of judgment in the navid’s case judge: The court is ceremonial to hang people.

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