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Release Them!

Following the news of five Dec 2017 protesters’ “twice hanging” confirmation in Supreme Court by human rights activists and institutions, the Isfahan Prosecutor denied the confirmation of the death sentences in the Supreme Court through Fars News Agency. In response to this denial, activists pubished two pages of the indictment related to the death sentences on social media, and a wave of protests for #لغو_فوری_اعدام was launched on social media, as well as in Isfahan, in front of the courthouse.

Despite the denial of Isfahan’s judicial authorities which was revealed as a “dirty game” and lost all its legal credibility, the Chief Justice of Isfahan Province once again issued a statement in Mizan News Agency, denying “finalization of the execution” of the five Dec 2017 protesters’ death sentence.

This caused the Human Rights Organization of Iran to invalidate the statements of the judicial authorities of the regime again and again by publishing the indictment by Branch 19 of the Supreme Court. In this regard, Mahmoud Amiri Moghaddam, director of the Human Rights Organization of Iran said: “The officials of the Islamic Republic have a long history of false denials. They even denied the existence of the coronavirus in Iran for a long time. With the publication of this lawsuit, Human Rights Organization of Iran emphasizes that the statements of the officials of the Islamic Republic are not considered a document in such cases. The global campaign to overturn the execution of Iranian protesters must continue with greater vigor because there is a risk for their execution until the death sentences of these protesters are quashed.”

The full text of the lawsuit is now available online for the public.

To achieve a clear understanding of what the Islamic Republic has brought on to these five Iranian citizens, relying on the reports of independent and reputable human rights organizations, as well as reading the text of the published indictment, as the only valid legal document that can be cited , We have prepared a schematic plan of the judicial process of handling this case, which we share here:

This lawsuit is both a messy document and a legal scandal for the Islamic Republic, and also a proof of a crime. Not only do these five citizens don’t deserve such a severe and inhumane punishment, but the regime must release them immediately and pay the damages to them and their families as much as possible.

Beyond the fate and suffering of these five imprisoned citizens, the question that still remains is:
Which Basiji, IRGC member or police officer shot and killed Asghar Harun al-Rashidi and 4 other citizens in December 2017?
Asghar Harun al-Rashidi was 20 years old.
Armin Sadeghi was a 13-year-old student.

We seek justice!

Translation of this post by Sahar.
Cover: Video by Yazdgerd 3rd


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