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Report Exposes Chinese Government Coronavirus Response

Caixin report from Chinese Communist Party lies about COVID-19 which led to the coronavirus pandemic.

The deadly coronavirus spread in China in late December 2019. New details of the Beijing regime’s attempt to conceal the virus outbreak have recently been released.

A report by the mainly Chinese economic media, the media group Caixin, describes the Chinese government’s action against the discovery of the coronavirus:

After laboratories discovered the highly contagious Coronavirus in late December / early January, they were ordered to halt all testing and eliminate any specimens that were somehow related to the virus immediately. All personnel and researchers active in these laboratories were also prohibited from disclosing any information or contacting the media.

According to this report, a Wuhan City Health Authority official has ordered the destruction of the laboratory samples, which is the ground zero of the global pandemic. He also cited instructions issued by China’s top medical institution. All this while scientists on January 1, 2020 found in laboratory specimens the origin of a mysterious pulmonary disease that was unknown until then.

In this report, Caixin explains that several genomics companies had sequenced the Corona DNA from samples of Wuhan residents on December 27, 2019. If the Chinese regime had otherwise behaved as a result of these early developments, it would have been possible to prove the virus in the human body at the very beginning and in time with great accuracy.

In the same early research, the similarity of the new COVID-19 virus with another virus from the Corona family, which caused a global pandemic in 2002/2003, attracted the attention of scientists. In those years, almost 780 people died from SARS lung disease. However, COVID-19 has had more than 9,000 victims to date worldwide.

The results of the tests, according to this report, were sent to the Center for the Control and Prevention of Communicable Diseases, CDC, in Beijing. It is at this time that the National Health Commission, China’s highest-ranking medical institution, orders the “concealment and coverup” of reality rather than preparing the country for a national crisis.

Some members of the medical team, including nurses, hospital staff and doctors in contact with COVID-19 in Wuhan, had also been infected with coronavirus, was also part of the Chinese government’s concealment and coverup project. Even timely transparency in just one case could have saved the lives of many doctors and nurses who were later exposed to the disease and unfortunately fell victim to this secrecy. Because then everyone knew how dangerously contagious the virus is.

Chinese President, Xi Jinping, on Monday, January 20, admitted to the outbreak after the first confirmed death outside China was published in the international media. The city of Wuhan was quarantined with 11 million residents and its communication with the rest of the world was cut off. (Iran with its repressive regime and Mahan Air was the exception)

The Caixin report was, of course, removed by the Chinese intelligence agencies, as expected. The Chinese Communist Party is still striving to leave no trace of its “cover-and-hide project” on the spread of the Coronavirus and is working hard to eliminate any clue about the operation.

Translation of this article by Sahar.

cover: Adli Wahid

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