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Rouhani’s Lies in His Press Conference

Rouhani had a press conference on Sunday, Feb 16 in Tehran. As usual, it was full of lies and in this article we try to point them out. Fact checking Islamic Republic’s officials is not that difficult since they’re always using a platform to spread their lies and propaganda.

Rouhani: Unfair martyrdom of Qassim Soleimani was a tragic loss to all Iranians.

Fact: While the regime tried to show the world an organized and huge turnout for his funeral, and most western media claimed “millions” showed up, let’s review some facts. The videos could be easily analyzed. Here is one from the funeral in Ahvaz:

Aerial Coverage- IRIB

Considering the video and looking on the map, we can calculate the surface area the crowd cover. It is roughly 45779 square meters. In every demonstrations, there are usually 2 people in each square meter, making the crowd to be 91,500 people. The western media and Iranian officials calling it “millions”. You can do the same calculation for all other pro-regime gatherings. This is apart from the fact that, most of those people are forced to attend regime arranged demonstrations or lose their jobs! They also provide free meal and transportation.

Taken from Twitter: @Sheragim_Zand

Iranians also started a Twitter campaign to show how much they really liked Soleimani, check out #IraniansDetestSoleimani. Inside Iran, any chance they’ve got, they have set his banners on fire. Many videos available on social media.

Rouhani: We have passed all hardships of US sanctions. We have good statistics in all areas of economy. We are experiencing independence from oil for the first time. We will not be pressured into negotiations.

Facts: While it’s true that IR government’s oil sell has been reduced to almost zero compared to years before, but the hardships are not even close to over! Iranian people feel the pressure from sanctions with their bones every day. They showed their rage over the situation at protests started in 2017 and then again in November 2019.

This is just one aspect of economical situation in Iran. Gold resources of the country has depleted significantly in the past few years, according to the Central Bank, and at the same time the currency equivalency to USD has soared.

IR regime has sent messages back and forth with Saudi Arabia and even US asking to start negotiations but they all have been turned down. Including the Hormuz Peace Plan, Javad Zarif and Rouhani presented to the states surrounding Persian Gulf. Nobody agreed or joined but some of those same countries joined the US coalition to provide security for Straight of Hormuz.

If they’re doing better, why do they keep begging for the sanctions to be lifted? Why are they so sour calling them “economic terrorism”? It’s also not a bad idea to read this.

Rouhani: We are united in Iran.

Fact: Protests in Iran shows how divided the population is. The majority are against the government as their chants showed. The government crushed protesters, killing more than 1500, arresting more than 9000 and many are missing since November 2019! The shooting of Ukraine Airlines PS752 didn’t help the unity either. The regime tried to cover up the fact that IRGC shot the plane down, but the public pressure and overwhelming amount of evidence forced them to admit it, which caused another wave of protests in the country.

Almost everybody in family gatherings and parties is cursing at the government and the whole regime one way or the other. The situation is so dire that even Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, said this a few days ago: “I understand some people may not like me, but please come and vote.” Referring to the upcoming parliament “elections”.

People believe the elections in Iran are just for show and a publicity stunt. The polls from different sources, including IRIB channel 6, Khabar Channel, close to 80% of the participants said they won’t vote. It was so embarrassing to them that they had to pull down the poll.

Rouhani: I never said anything bad against the Guardian Council or the election.

Fact: A few weeks back, it was all over the news, including Mehr News, ISNA and Fars, that Rouhani attacked the Guardian Council for rejecting a huge number of candidates and asked for “free” elections, implying the elections in Iran are not as democratic as others think! He even called the elections, “selections”. This video is just an example, where Kharrazi tries to cover it up. This was aired on IRIB Channel 3.

By the way, he again begged people to participate on the election day, and said, “What matters is for people to show up”. Another proof that they only care for the show!

Rouhani: Medical Examiner Office has the death toll on November protests, and they can announce it if they want.

Fact: It’s been THREE months since November protests. You say this ME office that works under you don’t want to announce how many people were killed by IRGC, Basij and MOIS? Why not? Is the number so high, more than the 1500 that everybody already know, that you wouldn’t be able to lie your way out of it?

You said protesters were thugs and rebels, but they were in PEACEFUL demonstrations. You said they set fire on banks and properties, but there are videos of oppressing forces doing that!

This question of death toll has been asked multiple times from different officials, head of Judiciary, Chief of Staff, … but they always pass it to another entity. It’s starting to feel like we’ll find out after the regime change!

These were just the most important parts of his press conference. We could have mentioned many more lies but I’m sure it would have bored you. Iranians have become used to all this, but it’s imperative for the people of the world to understand not to trust IR regime.

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