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School Girls: Public Enemies of Ayatollahs – Case of Asra Panahi

A gathering of “Ladies and Girls of Prophet” in Ardabil was arranged by the propaganda arm of the regime on October 12 to counter the ongoing anti-regime protests. Girls and teachers from schools across the city were forced to attend. Principal of Shahed High School in response to objection of parents that their children were forced and threatened to attend the gathering, said: “It was a general calling, and it was an order. It had to be carried out. Everybody must have attended. We decided to take 150 students from 5 class on 5 buses!”

The principal admitted: “Students were nervous and anxious.” She confirms 2 “agents” from the General District and 2 from District 1 of Ardabil Education District were present when she was trying to convince students to attend the gathering. Parents constantly interjected her “excuses”: “You took our kids out of school without our consent. This is illegal!” Parents and students tell her she lied to the students and tricked them into attending the gathering! “You told them you’re taking them to a museum!” The principal refuses to answer those concerns and denies any “armed plainclothes agents” being present at the school. However, students and parents told her off as she was lying!

Shahed students when come back from the “gathering”, protesting and chanting: “Death to dictator” – October 12, 2022

On October 12, several of those students rebel, take off their headscarves and begin chanting anti-regime slogans, such as “Woman, Life, Liberty!” while the gathering was being aired live on TV, messing the whole propaganda. The armed plainclothes thugs did not tolerate students’ courage. With the help from “veiled women who were there to secure the gathering”, beat the students. They were not satisfied with the punishment! When students go back to school, the plainclothes, onboard an ambulance, enter the school and attack them, yet again, this time in front of Ardabil’s Schools Superintendent. Teenagers were beaten so hard that 10 were injured, 2 were taken to Fatemi Hospital.

Coordinating Council of Teachers Unions reported the incident on October 14, mentioned a student had died at the hospital. According to the report, the families were threatened not to say anything about the incident, or they won’t see their children!

Eventually, the name of a student who died the same day in Fatemi hospital was published: Asra Panahi, born March 5, 2007.

Plainclothes thugs entering Shahed School on an ambulance on October 12, 2022

Contradicting Stories By State Officials

The Islamic Republic began its misinformation and denial campaigns. At first, the Deputy Governor in Security denied any attack on Shahed High School or that any student had died. After videos went viral, officials admitted a student named Asra Panahi has died. IRIB, Islamic Republic Radio & TV, brought an unidentified man with mask in front of cameras to tell the regime’s narrative: “Asra had preexisting heart condition, she had an event at night, we took her to the hospital but unfortunately she passed!” The man who was introduced as “Asra’s relative” and later on called “her uncle”, denied anything happening at school. “My brother had died a month ago, she was stressed out.”

A very familiar story for all Iranians: Forced confessions to exonerate the regime and its goons. Everybody in Iran dies of natural causes, suicide or accident!

When it became public that Asra was a swimming champion with several medals in provincial and national competitions, the scenario changed! Kazem Mousavi, Ardabil representative at Islamic Consultative Assembly made up a stunning story: “She got engaged to a boy 2 years go. Her father killed the son-in-law. The father was executed a month ago as a result. She was depressed and committed suicide by swallowing pills. She wasn’t even attending school!” Asra Panahi was a member of swimming team for the school district for years! Mahmoud Safari, Ardabil’s Mayor made the scenario clearer: “She killed herself with rice pill. Her uncle confirmed this when her body was delivered to the family!”

On October 17, 2022, Coordinating Council of Teachers Unions published its report. First, it slammed the regime for its misinformation and forced confessions charades. “Cutting off the internet is one of the reasons it takes time to confirm from locals what really has happened. People rightfully do not trust what the regime tells them.” It confirms the attack of plainclothes on students on October 12 again. It also confirms Asra, swimming champion, could not have had any heart condition and wins bronze medal in provincial competitions 3 years ago. According to the report, on October 12, another student was also beaten so viciously that she has ended up in a coma! “Parents of the students went to school to object their children’s forced attendance, which turns into a commotion when officials insist on their actions!” The Council mentioned the severe emotional damage to the students and demanded the regime to stop its suppression of protesters, especially at schools.

A few hours later, IRIB made another charade by bringing the same man in front of cameras. This time they double down on the “preexisting heart condition and suicide”. The narrator begins by saying: “Late Asra Panahi, a 16-year-old with preexisting heart condition and drug poisoning, who was taken to Khomeini hospital on Wednesday October 12, at 00:36 AM, by an ambulance called by her brother!”

After Truth Was Revealed

Regime intelligence apparatus, with delay and after the Council had revealed the truth, cooked up another story contradicting Mousavi and Safari! Head of Ardabil Medical School confirmed Asra Panahi was brought to the hospital with hypotension and vomiting and died of “heart and respiratory arrest!” It is noteworthy, hypotension and vomiting is in line with internal bleeding, and the shock will cause heart and respiratory arrest! However, Dr. Ali Mohammadian followed regime’s line that she was brought in the morning of that Wednesday, and passed away at 18:50, the same day. He confirmed she was a student: “Her death had nothing to do with her school!”

In another astonishing revelation, Mohammadian admits “another 16-year-old, named Khojasteh, was brought in on Wednesday from the school to Fatemi hospital as a result of seizures!”

Council’s report was confirmed in a matter of hours by officials, and contradicting the previous statements by Mousavi, Safari, the uncle and other regime media! Regime’s media and intelligence may continue making up stories, but truth has prevailed. In a horrific and brutal attack, a 15-year-old was killed and a 16-year-old was sent to hospital in a coma!

It is worth noting, Asra Panahi’s family are under surveillance. Her funeral was carried out in heavy presence of security forces on Friday, October 14.

If the news had not been broken out on social media with all the videos and awareness, the Islamic Republic would have never revealed Asra Panahi’s death just like it was denied at the beginning. All the made up stories, lies and coverups to exonerate a brutal regime which has killed more than 32 children in a span of 30 days on the streets and schools.



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