After an embarrassing first round of Islamic Republic's Election Circus, regime begins its second round. First round had the lowest turnout in the history of the Islamic Republic with widespread boycott by the people of Iran.

    Every Second with Election Circus Round 2

    A video report of a citizen living in Tehran from three polling stations located in the west of Tehran. There is nobody there.
    The Ministry of Interior and IRIB (Islamic Republic Radio and Television) have claimed the voting time has been extended 3 times due to people going to the polls. These videos show that the regime’s claims are not true. Polling stations are empty.

    The Islamic Republic extended the voting time until midnight; hoping that someone will come to ballot boxes. Meanwhile, signs of a “big number manipulation” are slowly appearing on the horizon of the regime media. While the polls have not yet been closed and the counting of votes has not started, Islamic Republic news agencies have started publishing “participation statistics” since noon today.
    In Bampur, Sistan and Baluchistan, officers threaten citizens with loudspeakers: “If you don’t come, your subsidy will be cut off!”

    Due to the lack of voters participation, the Ministry of Interior extended the polling time for the second time today, just like last week. But the problem is not something that Khamenei consoled himself with two days ago; The problem is not “time”. The problem is the will of the people, which negates the Islamic Republic from its foundation; They do not want it and do not give it democratic legitimacy.

    Second round, Second “No”

    In the last hours of the election circus, by sending a message from Khamenei, the Ministry of Interior is trying to draw people who said “no” to the Islamic Republic to the polls.

    Despair and hopelessness is obvious in this image and headline of ISNA news agency: from “impressive participation” and “exaltation of the system” with an image in which nothing but a handful of embassy employees and their relatives can be seen.

    The Islamic Republic News Agency echoes a sentence of Astara’s Friday Sermon. Talking about “epic of participation continues”, while the record of the lowest “participation” in last week’s elections was broken, has only one meaning: the continuation of the free fall of participation, the continuation of “non-participation” or the repetition of the “Big No” epic.

    Hamid Nouri, the executioner who was sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity and the Islamic Republic was able to exchange him for two hostages from Sweden, participated in the election circus at Hosseinieh Ershad branch today and invited others to “participate”.
    In Brussels, Elahe Hicks, one of the notorious bloodthirsty sympathizers of the regime, participated in the circus like last week and followed the call of torturer Hamid Nouri.

    A few weeks of heavy and uniform propaganda with all the forces and from all the media of the Islamic Republic could not bring the people to the polls. Now they think roar of their speakers can strike fear into people’s hearts…
    Kerman stayed at home.

    While Islamic Republic media have focused all their propaganda on ballots of “Hosseinieh Ershad” and “Jamaran” among the “6,694 polling stations in Tehran”, the videos posted from other parts of Tehran on social media tell of a recession in the election circus market.

    Quiet streets, empty polling stations, empty ballot boxes, the sound of birds singing… The morning of a day off: the nightmare of the second round of the election circus for the Islamic Republic.
    The photos, videos and reports that Iranian users post on social media about the status of polling stations in different regions of Iran indicate the free fall of the participation rate. Today’s election circus is even duller than last week.

    Khamenei’s cozy, safe and exclusive polling station with only one voter in front of dozens of cameras was very crowded compared to other Tehran polling stations.
    Here, one of them in the east of Tehran, not even a fly passes by:

    In Iran, the election show started this morning with the broadcast of Khamenei’s pictures. Lots of cameras, reporters and curators in one area for only 1 vote; Khamenei and Khamenei’s vote:

    Khamenei casting his vote this morning at ballot booth number 110 – Tehran

    The second round of the “Election Circus” for a new “president” of the Islamic Republic officially began a few hours ago at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic in Wellington, New Zealand. And again, like the first round, the Iranians living in New Zealand went to “welcome” the few voters who are now named by the people as the “traitorous minority”.

    Live Coverage

    Second Round of Election Circus – Live Coverage