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Sharia Gallows Height

Islamic human rights and dignity in the eyes of Islamic Republic include killing political prisoners, shooting peaceful protesters, brutal tortures, hanging children, and the list goes on.



Chief of Islamic Republic Judiciary, Ebrahim Raisi, on August 5, 2020, said, “From our point of view, human rights which are based on religion, originate from human dignity and rights, which have been bestowed on humanity by God, and no one has the right to violate this dignity and rights. On the other hand, the basis of Western human rights is contract-based, which, of course, is not delivered.”

Contrary to what Islamic Republic officials including Raisi , Javad Zarif and regime apologists in Western media claim, human rights have lost all meaning in Iran since the theocratic regime took power in 1979! Since its inception, human dignity and rights became toys in ayatollahs’ hands to promote their Shia empire ideology, and anything else has to be in their service to achieve that goal. It started by forcing women to wear hijab, stifling freedom of speech in books and media, and “cultural revolution” in universities. Anybody who opposed these actions was imprisoned and received brutal lengthy sentences.

Khavaran, cemetery of hundreds of political prisoners massacred in 1988

Then came summer of 1988 when thousands of political prisoners were massacred by direct order of Khomeini, the founder of Islamic Republic. He established a four-man team known as “death commission”, including Mustafa Pourmohammadi and Ebrahim Raisi, both of whom have been integral parts of regime’s Judiciary system suppressing dissidents. Amnesty International has issued reports condemning Islamic Republic and the officials in charge of the government during that dark summer, calling it “crime against humanity.” They named Mir Hossein Mousavi, Pourmouhammadi and Raisi in particular whom should be held accountable for their parts in that gross violation of human rights. Mir Hossein Mousavi was Prime Minister of Khamenei’s administration at the time. They have denied any knowledge of the massacre. Amnesty, however, proved they knew enough and should have started an investigation into the matter not help covering it up.

Regime’s apologists and particularly Mir Hossein Mousavi fans of the “Green Movement” keep trying to show he wasn’t aware of the massacre. Those claims prompted Amnesty International to reiterate its previous points showing proofs that he was in the circle who covered up the truth.

Islamic Republic oppressing dissidents doesn’t end in 1988! Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) admitted to horrendously murdering four writers in “Chain Murders.” Those happened during Mohammad Khatami presidency, known to West as “leader of moderates” and as “fox” among Iranians. He fooled many with his empty promises and then called students “thugs” and supported their killings and oppression by Police Chief, Ghalibaf! Saeed Zeinali is still “missing” from those days in July 1999. By the way, Ghalibaf is now Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Islamic Republic version of “parliament”)!

November 2019 was another massacre in the short history of Islamic Republic. People rose against corruption, poverty, nepotism and dictatorship of ayatollahs! They chanted “Ayatollahs must get lost,” “Death to dictator,” and so on. Khamenei’s banners were set on fire, which according to Reuters made him so angry that ordered his oppressive forces to “Do whatever it takes to end it.” Same report says at least 1,500 peaceful protesters were killed. Amnesty International reported more than 7,000 detained.

Officials have continuously denied the numbers but still 11 months after those horrific days haven’t provided an official answer to the number of deaths and detainees. It’s always been a vague answer when asked, from “about 300” to “about 250”. For 6 days internet across the country was cut off and nobody knew what was transpiring in Iran. Islamic Republic used heavy weapons, helicopters and tanks to massacre people throughout the country while nobody was watching! Even officials admitted “Internet was cut off on the order of National Security Council.” From “parliament representatives” to ministers and President, called peaceful protesters, “thugs” and “agents of enemies of Islamic Republic.”

Amnesty International, in their latest report on November 2019 uprising, described gruesome tortures the detainees go through in Islamic Republic prisons. From being beaten by batons and electric shocks to being sexually assaulted and their families threatened. They’re forced to confess to trumped up charges such as “being agents of foreign intelligence” or “colluding with enemies to overthrow the Islamic Republic.” In reality, people are tired of 41 years of misery and just want this regime to go!

UN Secretary-General also published his report which was prepared in May 2020. Antonio Guterres voices his concern over gross violations of human rights and dignity, including arbitrary and random detention of people based on their beliefs, political opinions and family relations. All to nip any uprising in the bud, because they know people don’t want them ruling a once glorious country and nation like Iran!

The authorities denied responsibility for the death of protesters, attributing the use of firearms to “rioters”and “agents of foreign enemies”,or justifying the use of lethal force by law enforcement by claiming the protesters had been armed *

The report mentions violent oppression of peaceful protesters during nationwide November 2019, citing Reuters article, condemns Khamenei ordering the killings by direct shootings at head, neck, chest and vital organs. It also refers to the Amnesty report on brutal torturing of political prisoners. It goes into details about heavy sentences given to peaceful protesters under imaginary charges such as “activities against national security”, such as death sentences given to Saeed Tamjidi, Mohammad Rajabi and Amir Hossein Moradi. However, those are not the only ones, 5 protesters in Isfahan, Navid Afkari in Shiraz, and many more across the country are just examples of the “Islamic human rights” Raisis speaks about. Islamic Republic also has a long history in hanging children due to alleged murder charges. Guterres refers to chilling reports from officials sources!

Kleptocratic regime once again showed how similar it is to ISIS, which even Islamic Republic has condemned saying “that’s not the real Islam,” calling them terrorists. Parading alleged criminals on the streets and beating in public is another proof to how “human dignity” is upheld in the regime!

These are all just a small portion of brutality, hypocrisy and corruption of the Islamic Republic. Every day there is news about a political prisoner vanishing or cut off from all outside communication being tortured in solitary conferment, the latest of which is Soheil Arabi!

On August 5, 2020, the Islamic Human Rights Day designated by Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Ebrahim Raisi asked members to establish an “Islamic International Court” to prosecute people who violate human rights and dignity! Are these samples enough for him and his regime to be held accountable in that court or any international court?!

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