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How Mahsa Amini Became the Cipher of Uprising

She was announced dead on Friday September...

South of Iran on Strikes – Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries in Limbo!

Work, when the outside temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius (104F) and at work is above 50 degrees Celsius (122F); Work, when wages do not cover living expenses; Work, when the same insufficient wage has not been paid for months; Work, when a signed open contract is the only thing that reflects the dark horizon of job security; Work, when you are still not a worker after 12 hours of daily work. A worker has insurance, an employment contract, pension and benefits; The contract worker does not have any of these; He has arrears of wages and a life-threatening job in industries without which the country’s economy would be meaningless: oil, gas and petrochemicals!

Since Saturday, August 1, 2020, a large wave of protests and labor strikes has taken place in the southern provinces of Iran.

Saturday strikes started from:
Abadan Oil Refinery,
Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery
Parsian Refinery,
Refineries of phases 22 and 24 of South Pars Kangan, Lamerd Petrochemical, Kangan Petroleum Refinery.

Phase 14 AJ and Jam 2 joined the workers’ strikes yesterday, Sunday, August 2.

Workers of Parsian Petrochemical, Sepehr Lamerd, Exir 13 companies and Atropart refinery in Jafir, Khuzestan, continued their strikes on Monday.

Thus, the southern provinces of Iran, including Hormozgan, Bushehr, Khuzestan and Fars have recorded the heaviest labor strikes in the last 41 years of Iranian history.

These strikes took place spontaneously and simultaneously in 4 provinces of Iran from three days ago, and they’re intensified and expanded every day.

Meanwhile, a solidarity movement has been started by users and political activists in cyberspace and social media in support of labor protests by hashtag #اعتصابات-سراسری, which is getting momentum every second.

Translation of this post by Sahar.

Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
There comes a time in life when you have to choose whether to turn the page or to close the book!

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