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Friday, January 27, 2023

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State of Fear- Massive Wave of Arrests


  • IRGC Intelligence arrested Saeed Damvar
  • Intelligence agents arrested mothers of November 2019 victims
  • Nahid Shirpisheh and Mehrdad Bakhtiari taken away
  • Jafar Panahi, renowned filmmaker, arrested
  • At least 8 Baneh residents taken to an unknown location
  • Head of Judiciary ordered intelligence agencies to “identify” people behind “No2Hijab” campaign
  • Fars News admitted “No2Hijab” campaign as the reason for arrests

Vahid Damvar’s Brother Arrested

IRGC Intelligence handcuffed Saeed Damvar, brother of Vahid, one of November 2019 victims killed by the Islamic Republic, and ransacked his home. Saeed’s wife described the situation in video sent to Masih Alinejad:

Several Mothers of November 2019 Victims Arrested

According to human rights activists, “Unnamed Soldiers of Imam Zaman” raided Rahimeh Yousefzadeh’s house, Navid Behboudi’s mom, where mothers had a gathering. Reports indicate mothers were beaten. At the time of this writing, 7 arrests have been confirmed by HRANA:

  • Pejman Gholipour’s mom: Mahboubeh Ramezani
  • Navid Behboudi’s mom: Rahimeh Yousefzadeh
  • Ebrahim Ketabdar’s mom: Sakineh Ahmadi
  • Mohsen Jafarpanah’s mom and sister: Talat Moshki and Somayeh Jafarpanah
  • Mehrdad Moeinfar’s mom: Iran Allahyari
  • Mohammad Taheri’s mom: Zeinab Mohammadi

According to witnesses, the oppressive forces told the mothers to “shut up, just shut up and don’t speak a word!”

Pouya Bakhtiari’s Family Taken Away

Nahid Shirpisheh, Pouya’s mom, was arrested earlier today. Since November 2019, Bakhtiari family have been very vocal against the regime and seeking justice for their son who was killed in the nationwide protests in Karaj. Mona Bakhtiari, Pouya’s sister, recorded this video:

Ms. Shirpisheh had a live Instagram interview 2 nights ago where she rebuked the criminal regime and said she’s the voice of the majority of Iranians. She also commented on the “No2Hijab” campaign which is to be held tomorrow, July 12. A few hours later, Pouya’s uncle, Mehrdad Bakhtiari, was arrested too. He recorded this video before his arrest:

A few hours later, Manouchehr Bakhtiari, Pouya’s father, who is in prison serving his 3.5-year sentence for “conspiracy to arrange anti-regime gatherings”, sent out a voice message protesting the “criminal regime” and urging people to stand together and “liberate Iran.”

Another Filmmaker Arrested

After Mohammad Rasoulof and Mustafa Al-Ahmad, the Islamic Republic arrests another critique of its brutality, Jafar Panahi. The renowned director has spent years in prison for his views against the regime. Berlinale directors issued a statement calling the arrest “dismaying” and demanded Islamic Republic to release the detained filmmakers. Jafar Panahi won Berlinale’s Golden Bear in 2015 for Taxi.

More Arrests

In Baneh, Kurdistan province, MOIS agents arrested at least 8 citizens between 29 and 35 years old. At the time of this writing, there is no report of their whereabouts or conditions.

“Intelligence Services Must Find Them!”

Eje’i, head of the Islamic Republic Judiciary, ordered the intelligence agencies to find out “who is spreading unchastity and promoting bad hijab in the country!” He attributed the “No2Hijab” campaign to “foreign enemies” and demanded intelligence apparatus to find their base and dismantle it. Islamic Republic is to hold a gathering on “Hijab Day” tomorrow. The regime considers hijab as one of its pillars and has intensified its efforts in imposing the “hijab laws.” However, Iranian women has started a civil campaign called “#No2Hijab” (حجاببیحجاب#) to coincide with regime’s “Hijab Day.” They are to go out without any hijab.

IRGC Media Admits to “No2Hijab”

Fars News Agency confirmed “Unnamed Soldiers of Imam Zaman,” another name for the IRGC Intelligence Organization, have arrested several citizens “who have claimed to be seeking justice” for their loved ones! The agency claims the detainees have been in contact with “an agent of a foreign enemy and have received payments in order to incite unrest in the country!” The “unrest” refers to the “No2Hijab” campaign. The report also claims the “financial connection” has also been arrested in a separate mission but fails to mention any more details. Islamic Republic propaganda has always prepared a baseless story to excuse regime’s brutality. “Justice seeking” families of November 2019 have always demanded justice and nothing else.


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