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Iran Coronavirus January 23 – Preparing Numbers for Islamic Revolution Anniversary

An official says the fourth peak of COVID-19 has begun in Iran. Dr. Raisi says UK fast-spreading variant of coronavirus could be in the country!

Iran Coronavirus January 22 – State Media Disinformation About Pfizer Vaccine

Islamic Republic controlled media continue their disinformation campaign about Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Officials warn about the next peak in Iran.

Iran Coronavirus January 21 – “Next Peak Is Inevitable”

Officials say next peak of coronavirus in Iran is inevitable! Fars reports rising numbers but Friday Prayers will be held! Pressure on Raisi continues after his comments about Qom and Friday Prayers.

Iran Coronavirus January 20 – Qom: Rage Of Clerics Against The Science

Qom clerics attack Raisi, National Task Force Spokesman, for his comments about low number of people abiding protocols in Friday Prayers in Qom. He was forced to apologize!

Iran Coronavirus January 19 – Organizing Mass Events While Forbidding Vaccine

Islamic Republic has organized crowded religious gatherings, Friday Prayers and funerals but banned vaccines! They're also mass producing a vaccine which has just started its first phase!

Iran Coronavirus January 18 – Cycle Of Wrong Decisions: April Again

Dr. Zali warns about premature reopenings and the next peak! Saeed Namaki asks healthcare staff to be ready for the next coronavirus peaks in Iran.

Iran Coronavirus January 17 – Fatemeh Kills Through IR & Covid-19

Islamic Republic contradictions surrounding COVID-19 vaccine in Iran continue! Crowded Fatemieh gatherings, without following any protocols, are held across the country.

Iran Coronavirus January 16 – Clerics Issue Prescriptions, Physicians Fatwa!

Fatemieh gatherings continue to grow even though officials claim they're banned! Fourth peak of coronavirus is on the horizon with signs from across Iran. While clerics issue prescriptions like "camel urine" or "violet oil", physicians issue fatwa!

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The Chronology Of The Covid-19 Pandemic In Iran

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