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November Moritats – Chanani

On Monday, November 18, 2019, in Mahshahr, a girl lost her first name somewhere between the IRGC firing squad and Neyzar. There is no photo of her, and they have left no trace of her anywhere. But she lived.

November Moritats – Hidden Sorrow

Go tell Khan ShepherdDo not come to Mughan this yearIf he comes, he'll be involved with the unjust bloodshed* He was eight years old when...

Dirty Game by Isfahan’s Attorney General to Execute Protesters in Silence

Following the news of confirmation of the death sentences of five protesters by the Supreme Court, the Isfahan Judiciary, headed by Mohammad Reza Habibi,...

IR’s Supreme Court Confirms Death Sentences of 5 More Protesters

They can’t not execute.They can’t not torture.They can’t not retaliate.They can’t not stone.They can’t not whip, not take forced confessions. Interrogation is not their...

They Detain, Torture and Execute People. Every Single Day!

Seven days before his 18th birthday, Abolfazl Karimi was arrested when he was returning from his grandfather's funeral in Robat Karim. Four armed IRGC...

Protests in Cities Across Iran – Clashes in Behbahan, Khuzestan

The big cities of Iran once again became the scene regime's repressive forces. Severe clashes in Behbahan, tear gas fired at people, disruption and internet outage.

November Moritats – Niktai

She was 14 years old and had to work hard rather than being a child, because her father was religious and she was a poor girl who loved guitar and life.

Fighting the Poor Instead of Poverty!

Hossein Nejat wants to nip it in the bud but the uprising of Iranians is inevitable, no matter how much time they may buy by their brutality and trumped up charges! No dictatorship could survive forever.

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The Chronology Of The Covid-19 Pandemic In Iran

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Iran Coronavirus November 24 – No Positive Effect Expected

Another record for COVID-19 in Iran with 13,721 new cases of coronavirus infections since yesterday has been set.

Iran Coronavirus November 23 – Health Minister’s Disinfo-Campaign

Saeed Namaki continues to lie about COVID-19 vaccine made in Iran and its supply for Iranians through international markets.

Iran Coronavirus November 22 – “Some Relative Restrictions”

Health experts and some officials warn of loose lockdown enforcement! Hospitals report full capacity. An official admits the number of daily deaths is in the 4-digit territory.

November Moritats – Eydivandi

He never got home that day. His bloodied body, which had been torn apart by the three branches of Khamenei’s regime on his way home on a street in Yazdanshahr, Najafabad, was thrown into the grave at night.

Iran Coronavirus November 21 – Corruption & Secret Service in Healthcare System

Islamic Republic intelligence accuses former Deputy Health Minister of selling COVID-19 patients to "the enemies." Coronavirus continues to rage through Iran while "lockdown" started today!