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Iran Coronavirus May 28 – Combating Shadows Of COVID-19

Islamic Republic has gotten used to managing crisis with another crisis, ifs, buts and wishes and waiting for miracles. Coronavirus is NOT over in Iran.

Iran Coronavirus May 17 – Chaos & Virus

Fars is joining Khuzestan and Lorestan in a very critical situation. The infected cases have reached 3 digits even in cities with less than 25,000 residents.

Iran Coronavirus May 14 – Insidious Expansion of the Red Zone

Ongoing COVID-19 crisis in Iran, 100s of Iranians dying every day. The whooping increase in "admission" is specially alarming! Khuzestan reports 553 cases in 1 day!

Iran Coronavirus May 13 – Regime in Harmony with COVID-19

Numbers are going up and more provinces join the "red" zone. With the basic reproduction rate bouncing back up to 1.2, we can only expect even worse situation on the way.

Iran Coronavirus May 7 – Virus Doesn’t Know Weekend!

Islamic Republic officials cannot tell the truth even about the most trivial matter if it would reveal how pathetic they are. They prefer to lie about everything, at any cost!

Iran Coronavirus May 3 – Comedy of Numbers

If you thought numbers could not be funny, you were mistaken! Looks like they just love to spew the first number coming to their mind!

Coronavirus and Supreme Leader’s Network

We can't talk about the virus "intent" for murder, but we can talk about it for the government. The virus cannot pay the price but the government can.

Iran Coronavirus April 30 – Rouhani’s Lies Continue!

He also continued the same narrative that he's been pushing for the past 40 days!! He's been saying the COVID-19 cases is declining in Iran which is not true.

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The Chronology Of The Covid-19 Pandemic In Iran

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