Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Iran Coronavirus April 26 – COVID-19 a Brazen Superpower

Islamic Republic regime has spent millions of dollars on its nuclear and missile program while millions in the country are starving to death and can't stay at home during COVID-19.

Plague Reading – Palace of Lies

These days, the cabinet is holding its meetings at the heart of this palace while the world is in the grip of a horrific death and a deadly virus is taking the lives of hundreds of people in the streets of Tehran's metropolis every day.

Iran Coronavirus April 24 – The Bigger the Lie…

Islamic Republic is once again using a page from Adolf Hitler's propaganda playbook: the "Big Lie". Just another way this regime resembles Hitler's Nazis!

Pillars of Inferno – Shia Totalitarianism

In Iran, however, those days are over. Iranians have figured out regime's ruse as shown it in the November 2019 protests chanting: "Reformist, hardliner, the game is over!"

Iran Coronavirus April 22 – War of Numbers

While everybody is focused on a possibility of direct conflict between US and Iran in Persian Gulf, the Iranians are in need of honesty and a regime change. Enough propaganda games!

Iran Coronavirus April 18 – Stranger Things

Islamic Republic is spending millions and millions of dollars on its propaganda machine rather than relieving some of its people's pains! What does that tell you about Khamenei and his minions?

Iran Coronavirus April 17 – Islamic Republic, Power With No Responsibility

Islamic Republic regime is a ticking time bomb, ready to explode and implode at the same time, just need a small spark!

Iran Coronavirus April 9 – Torn Between Kill or Die

All this show is a totalitarian regime arriving at a crossroad! It has to choose whether to kill or be killed. But it looks like both ways lead to the same destination: Regime's demise. Choosing one or the other may just give it a little more time!

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The Chronology Of The Covid-19 Pandemic In Iran

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Iran Coronavirus November 24 – No Positive Effect Expected

Another record for COVID-19 in Iran with 13,721 new cases of coronavirus infections since yesterday has been set.

Iran Coronavirus November 23 – Health Minister’s Disinfo-Campaign

Saeed Namaki continues to lie about COVID-19 vaccine made in Iran and its supply for Iranians through international markets.

Iran Coronavirus November 22 – “Some Relative Restrictions”

Health experts and some officials warn of loose lockdown enforcement! Hospitals report full capacity. An official admits the number of daily deaths is in the 4-digit territory.

November Moritats – Eydivandi

He never got home that day. His bloodied body, which had been torn apart by the three branches of Khamenei’s regime on his way home on a street in Yazdanshahr, Najafabad, was thrown into the grave at night.

Iran Coronavirus November 21 – Corruption & Secret Service in Healthcare System

Islamic Republic intelligence accuses former Deputy Health Minister of selling COVID-19 patients to "the enemies." Coronavirus continues to rage through Iran while "lockdown" started today!