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Iran Coronavirus April 5 – Virus Fodder; Elites Safe, People in Danger

This is a date to be remembered in Iran's history as the beginning of a massacre in the hands of Islamic Republic, certainly not their first but hopefully the last.

Iran Coronavirus April 2 – Rouhani Advisor Threatens USA

Doesn't it imply that if we don't receive money, we'll kill more people? Spread it more? Doesn't it show the mentality behind a government taking more than 82 million people as hostages?

Iran Coronavirus April 1- April Fools at its Finest!

You could find a lie in every paragraph of his speech, but didn't want to bore you with any more. I know it's April Fools, and you may think he might have been pulling pranks on us, but unfortunately it's the reality of Islamic Republic EVERY single day.

Iran Coronavirus March 24 – Rouhani Lies AGAIN! Live Map & Graphs

1762 new cases for a day marks the highest amount of confirmed positive COVID-19 test results since the official announcement of the first cases....

Iran Coronavirus March 22 – Khamenei Refuses Help from US

Today was the 3rd day of the Persian New Year, when the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, went in front of TV cameras, spread around...

Iran Coronavirus March 21 – More than 82million Hostages

Islamic Republic is using Coronavirus crisis to make US lift sanctions while bartering 82million Iranians.

Asghar Jamalifard: We will hang Rouhani!

Asghar Jamalifard, a hardliner who is trying to get into the next Iran's parliament, has created a coalition list to enter the parliament, calling...

Rouhani’s Lies in His Press Conference

Rouhani had a press conference on Sunday, Feb 16 in Tehran. As usual, it was full of lies and in this article we try...

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The Chronology Of The Covid-19 Pandemic In Iran

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Iran Coronavirus November 26 – Iran: Russian COVID Vaccine’s Laboratory!

COVID-19 broke daily cases record again. Islamic Republic admits cooperating with Russia in producing coronavirus vaccine in Iran.

Iran Coronavirus November 25 – “People Are Dying-And It’s Their Fault”

COVID-19 continues to break daily records. Ministry of Health continues to spread misinformation about coronavirus vaccine in Iran. Saeed Namaki lies about cost of care.

Iran Coronavirus November 24 – No Positive Effect Expected

Another record for COVID-19 in Iran with 13,721 new cases of coronavirus infections since yesterday has been set.

Iran Coronavirus November 23 – Health Minister’s Disinfo-Campaign

Saeed Namaki continues to lie about COVID-19 vaccine made in Iran and its supply for Iranians through international markets.

Iran Coronavirus November 22 – “Some Relative Restrictions”

Health experts and some officials warn of loose lockdown enforcement! Hospitals report full capacity. An official admits the number of daily deaths is in the 4-digit territory.