Saturday, October 24, 2020

A Talk with Compatriots – Live Streaming of Prince Reza Pahlavi Speech on #پیمان_نوین


18:15 Tehran Time

Hours after the news of Prince Reza Pahlavi’s speech to the Iranian people was published in social media yesterday, Iranian users reported widespread disruptions to the Internet from various cities in Iran. These disruptions continue in varying degrees by various Internet service providers.

So far, satellite channels YourTime and IranInternational have officially announced they will broadcast Prince’s speech live.

Iran Coronavirus October 23 – Record Breaking Days

Another record breaking day for COVID-19 in Iran. Islamic Republic regime has no plan for coronavirus rampant spread but worried about women's hijab!

Iran Coronavirus October 22 – Lost Control

Hospitals continue to struggle with flood of COVID-19 patients in Iran. New restrictions put in place in Tehran. No travel ban for the upcoming holidays!

Abadani Girl & Jahan-Nejadian System

What has happened since yesterday highlights the bitter truth that the victim of rape is being abused and oppressed, once by the male rapist and once by a system that supports the aggressor.


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