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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

IRGC is a Terrorist Org – Strasbourg Screams

Today, thousands of Iranians in diaspora are...

German Foreign Ministry’s Classified Report on Iran Revolution

In a report published on Thursday, January...

Murder of MohammadMehdi Karami & Mohammad Hosseini

Execution is a sentence that is issued...

A Talk with Compatriots – Live Streaming of Prince Reza Pahlavi Speech on #پیمان_نوین


18:15 Tehran Time

Hours after the news of Prince Reza Pahlavi’s speech to the Iranian people was published in social media yesterday, Iranian users reported widespread disruptions to the Internet from various cities in Iran. These disruptions continue in varying degrees by various Internet service providers.

So far, satellite channels YourTime and IranInternational have officially announced they will broadcast Prince’s speech live.


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