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Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
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Greater Tehran Prison, 4 pm on Friday, October 8:

With the coordination of Puryousef, the head of the 2nd Block of the Greater Tehran Prison, a number of violent criminals in Hall 10 approach two political prisoners, Ismail Gerami and Shapur Ehsani-Raad.

  • Ismail Gerami, a 67-year-old retired teacher who was arrested for participating in a protest rally of retirees in March 2021 and sentenced in June to 5 years in prison and 74 lashes and fines, has been imprisoned in Greater Tehran Prison since April 2021.
  • Shapur Ehsani-Raad, 62, a labor activist, expelled representative of the Saveh Profile Factory, a member of the founding board of the Social Security Retirees Workers’ Council and a member of the board of the Free Trade Union, has been arrested several times in recent years and has been imprisoned in Evin Prison. Shapur has been in the Greater Tehran Prison since June 2020 to serve a six-year sentence.

By examining and studying the reports published on social media by civil activists with connections to prison resources and news organizations of human rights activists, one can reconstruct the scene of yesterday’s events in Greater Tehran Prison, which resulted in the wounding and hospitalization of several political prisoners in this prison and grasp a more accurate picture of the events:

The villains of the prison attack Shapur Ehsani-Raad and Ismail Gerami’s room at around 4 pm on Friday, October 8.

The two elderly prisoners were stabbed in the neck, beaten and threatened with death. Meanwhile, they attack three other political prisoners in the same room, Pouya Ghobadi, Akbar Bagheri and Akbar Faraji with daggers and knives, stabbing them several times in the head and neck. Prisoners are faced with closed doors during the attack when they tried to escape the commotion. The guard officer first opened the door for the attacking and armed miscreants and then locked the door behind them so that they could carry out the mission safely. It was only after the end of this “slaughtering mission” that the door was opened in the corridor by Pouryousef, who oversaw the execution of the mission the entire time. The goons were taken out of the hall and three prisoners, Mr. Ghobadi, Mr. Bagheri and Mr. Faraji, were taken to the prison clinic due to severe injuries and bleeding.

One day after the mission was carried out, the highest-ranking official of the prison, stating that “prison is a circle of criminals”, called the murder and assassination of political prisoners in the prison under his supervision a normal phenomenon.

MohammadMehdi HajMohammadi, head of Islamic Republic Prisons Org: “In regards to the inaccurate reports about the attack in Greater Tehran Prison, is enough to say that prison is not a gathering of intellectuals, but gathering of criminals. Despite controls, tensions among them is not unexpected.”

Everything is going according to plan in this prison. The plan is: in order to eliminate political and critical figures, if executions, torture, solitary confinement, and harsh sentences did not work, thugs and miscreants, goons, and stabbers could be used as hidden capacities of the “Prisons Organization.” This is the mission.

Following this mission by miscreants in the Greater Tehran Prison, the Iran Teachers’ Union published a message from Mr. Ismail Gerami:

“I have been trying for several years for the legal demands of myself and my colleagues, but unfortunately I was arrested and transferred to the Greater Tehran Prison in April 2021. Today, I have been in the ward of political prisoners for 6 months. It seems that the government is not satisfied with the imprisonment of some innocent people and has transferred a number of thugs and violent criminals to this ward so that it can indirectly persecute these prisoners. Finally, today, Friday, October 8, 2021, these thugs and criminals, created some tensions and clashes, beat the prisoners and even severely wounded some with knives and broken glass. In a word, it must be said that we, the political prisoners of Ward 10 of the 2nd Block of the Greater Tehran Prison, have no security.”

Translation of this post by Sahar.

Terror in Greater Tehran Prison – Prisons Organization Confirms