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The Last Act of Islamic Republic’s Vaccine Charade: Sinopharm=COVIran Barekat

An authenticated letter from the Islamic Republic FDA to "developers" of COVIran Barekat permits importing of 20million doses of Sinopharm, the same amount the company had promised!

Today, Iran newspapers released a letter from the Islamic Republic FDA, giving full rights of importing 20million doses of Chinese Sinopharm to the “Barekat Pharmaceutical Company!” According to the letter signed by FDA’s Director General of Drugs, Haydar Mohammadi, and authenticated by a raised seal and other media outlets, this permission is separate from the two governments’ agreement on the purchase and importation of Sinopharm.

In January 2021, Khamenei banned UK and US made vaccines and promoted the “homegrown” COVIran Barekat. The Barekat Pharmaceutical Company, owned by the “Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order”, the foundation controlled by the “Supreme Leader” of Islamic Republic, received billions of dollars to produce millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Mohammad Mokhber, then CEO of the foundation and current Vice President of the regime made promises along the way! In April, he said by September, 20million dose per month would be produced. In July, Mokhber explicitly promised 50million doses by September 22.

Aside from the propaganda network of the regime fully supporting the project, Khamenei went a step further and in a charade, in front of cameras, received a shot of the vaccine. Among ordinary citizens and social media, the act was mocked since all believed that Khamenei and other officials have gotten Pfizer prior to banning it.

However, the project failed miserably and none of the promises was delivered. Latest data from the Ministry of Health shows only 5,559,068 shots of COVIran Barekat have been administered. The Barekat leaders have stopped trumpeting their “homegrown vaccine” and bragging about “exporting it” for months now.

Social media posts from different cities across the country proves that the two vaccines have been used interchangably since day 1. Some even have reported their physical vaccination card is different from their digital one. “On my physical card shows I have taken Sinopharm but the online version says it was COVIran Barekat.” Or vise versa, another one posts.

“Fraud on broad daylight! They told me they injected both doses as COVIran Barekat, they wrote Barekat as both doses. Now that I’ve got my digital (vaccination) card, I see the first dose was Barekat and the second Sinopharm! Is the country so chaotic?”

Additionally, reports of importing Chinese labeling and assembly equipment were published by IranTrue months ago. A member of the Barekat project, also implicitly had confirmed that COVIran Barekat is the one and same as the Chinese Sinopharm.

“An official from Barekat admitted COVIran Barekat is Sinopharm! Customs has announced all equipment came from China. If you wanted to copy everything from the Chinese vaccine, why did you waste so much time, money and lives?! Why did you brag about the production?!”

The letter further proves that there was no COVIran Barekat from the beginning. The “homegrown vaccine” project was just a way for the Islamic Republic and its Supreme Leader to plunder billions of dollars from Iranians and kill thousands in the process.

Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
There comes a time in life when you have to choose whether to turn the page or to close the book!


Active Measures & Useful Idiots

Propaganda is neither magic nor omnipotent nor able to change all facts. The most important element in its success or failure is not within the machine, it's outside, in front of it, unaware of its role.

Lies: Resting Between Numbers and Lines

This is just a simple and brief analysis of the data. Add to all these, the evidence released by Iran International and analyzed here. Showing another aspect of falsifying data by the regime.



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