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Who Would Rise Up?

Unfortunately, international organizations including the human rights ones, stayed quiet for more than 4 months about their death sentence.

Their names are Amir Hossein Moradi (25), Saeed Tamjidi (28) and Mohammad Rajabi (25), three Iranian citizens whose names could be changed to any other Iranian. Amir Hossein, Saeed and Mohammad have been caught in the shackles of the Islamic stronghold since November 2019, when they rose up against the tyranny. The most authoritarian court of the theocratical regime(Islamic Revolutionary Court) has sentenced them to death, imprisonment and flogging.

Abolqasem Salavati – He’s a
symbol of anti-human rights
and anti-journalists in Islamic
Republic’s Judiciary

When you look at his face, it evokes a wild boar, and you come to believe that no one can spend his life killing and committing crimes but no sign of barbarism is engraved on his face. You cannot be the executioner of others for years from morning to evening, but death and destruction don’t make a mark on your face and gaze!

Judge Salavati sentenced Amir Hossein, Saeed, and Mohammad to 38 years in prison and 222 lashes in addition to the death penalty. He has sentenced so many people to long term prisons and hanging that he’s known as the “executioner”!
He’s so notorious that US has imposed sanctions on him in 2020.

They weren’t allowed an attorney of their own, and one of Saeed’s acquaintances who is familiar with the case said, “The public defenders appointed to them defended the judge actions and not their clients. They would tell the judge; we’re really upset about what our clients have done. In case of Saeed, the attorney named Aghabeygi, didn’t do anything to defend him.” The Appeals Court took several minutes and today, June 24, 2020, the death sentence was confirmed by the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Court.

The news about the Supreme Court decision came to light by HRANA (Human Rights Activists News Agency) quoting one of the attorneys on the case. A few hours later, Young Journalists Club, a news agency close to IRIB and intelligence services in Islamic Republic, quoted an “anonymous source” from inside the Supreme Court who denied the news. Why would somebody from inside the Supreme Court with such news would want to stay anonymous?! Is he scared for his life?! Right after this report, HRANA contacted its source who cannot be named due to security reasons and he again confirmed the Supreme Court’s decision. HRANA quoted him saying, “We’re under a lot of pressure not to talk to media.” HRANA also didn’t receive an answer about the identity of YJC’s source after reaching out to them.

In Amir Hossein’s case, it is stated that on November 16, 2019, he took the camera of a Basiji who was filming and identifying the protesters on Sattar Khan Street. They identified Amir Hossein three days later through a CCTV video. Amir Hossein has been subjected to torture and beatings throughout his detention. In order to excuse the death sentence in his case, Amir Hossein is accused of teaching people on Telegram that if they see oppressing forces filming protesters during the protests, they should take the cameras so that they would not be able to identify and arrest the protesters.

Mohammad Rajabi and Saeed Tamjidi fled to Turkey on November 20, 2019, after the arrest of Amir Hossein Moradi, but the country’s police deported them to Iran a few days later, on December 27, 2019. After being handed over to Iran, they were brought to the country through the western border and finally transferred to Evin prison.

Both Mohammad and Saeed have been forced to confess crimes they hadn’t committed under the most severe tortures.

Unfortunately, international organizations including the ones claiming to care about human rights, stayed quiet for more than 4 months! Isn’t it time for everybody to be the voice of oppressed Iranians and the political prisoners in Islamic Republic prisons under the worst physical and psychological tortures?! What if they had been born in Europe or US, or the color of their skin was different, would that have made a difference?!

Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
There comes a time in life when you have to choose whether to turn the page or to close the book!