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The Rise of Islamic Gestapo: “Commanding Good & Forbidding Evil”

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Zartosht Ahmadi-Ragheb’s Life in Imminent Danger


  • Zartosht Ahmadi-Ragheb’s life in danger
  • Bakeries with traditional “barbari” bread closed during Ramadan because they “represent breakfast”
  • Farmers gather in front of Isfahan’s Prosecutor Office
  • Amin and Arman Ansarifar sentenced to prison
  • Four women’s rights activists summoned to prison
  • Iraq denies entry to Iranians who received “homegrown” COVID-19 vaccines
  • COVID-19 cases on the rise across Iran

Zartosht Ahmadi-Ragheb in Solitary Confinement

He has been transferred from Greater Tehran Prison to the notorious RajaiShahr prison in Karaj. He’s kept in solitary confinement. Aarsham Rezaei, Mehdi Meskinnavaz, and Reza MohammadHosseini went on hunger strike to protest Zartosht’s inhumane circumstances. Islamic Republic officials refuse to give Mr. Ahmadi-Ragheb medical care or send him to political prisoners’ ward. His life is in serious and imminent danger.

“Barbari represents breakfast!”

Following Islamic Republic’s AG order to “deal with eating in public during Ramadan,” bakeries with traditional “barbari” bread were closed in Maku, West Azerbaijan province. Residents have been protesting the “absurd decision.”

Isfahan Farmers Gathering

Farmers protesting the “deserted Zayandeh Rud riverbed,” demanded the Prosecutor, former Governor of Isfahan and everybody responsible for the environmental disaster to be prosecuted. Last year, the peaceful Isfahan protests turned violent when Islamic Republic oppressive forces began torching farmers’ tents and shooting at people.

Ansarifars’ Struggles

Farzad Ansarifar was killed by the regime forces during nationwide November 2019 protests. His sister, Farzaneh Ansarifar, his father, Amin and his brother Arman, have been vocal about his murder and demanding justice for their loved one. The Islamic Revolutionary Court in Mahshahr sentenced Amin and Arman Ansarifar to 3 months in prison and 5 years ban from traveling abroad. They were charged with “propaganda against the regime” by interviewing with Masih Alinejad and other Persian satellite news channels.

Women’s Rights Activists Summoned

Nahid Shaghaghi, Akram Nasirian, Maryam Mohammadi and Esrin Dorkaleh have been summoned to Evin prison to serve their sentences for “propaganda against the regime,” “conspiracy to commit crime against national security,” and “committing a forbidden act through removing hijab”. Each of them has been sentenced to 4 years and 2 months in prison!

Iraq Denies Entry to Iranian Vaccines

Iraq only accepts Sinovac, Sinopharm, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines. COVIran Barekat and other vaccines “developed” by Islamic Republic companies have not received any international recognition or approval. None of them has published its results either.

COVID-19 on the Rise

Gilan reported increasing hospitalization while Fars recorded rise in cases, hospitalizations and deaths. According to official data of the Islamic Republic Ministry of Health, which are discredited and undercounted since day 1, at least 3,519 tested positive in Iran in the past 24 hours while this number was 1,275 the day before! The same data indicate only 26,315,325 (31.32% of Iran population) have received 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, mainly Sinopharm and COVIran Barekat.


Official covid-19 stats

Total deaths
Updated on July 4, 2022 9:39 PM
Total recovered
Updated on July 4, 2022 9:39 PM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on July 4, 2022 9:39 PM
Total active cases
Updated on July 4, 2022 9:39 PM


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