Monday, March 1, 2021

May the memory and names of those who were killed by the criminal islamic regime's thugs be cherished. We won't forgive or forget!

Iran Coronavirus February 28 – Corona Lines

People struggling with poverty line up for their basic needs, where no health protocol could be followed! COVID-19 cases keep rising throughout Iran. Officials keep denying facts!

Iran Coronavirus February 27 – “Iranian Virus?”

An official reports of "Iranian virus," a new variant of coronavirus in Iran. Healthcare staff are burnt out. Ahvaz downtown power continues to be cut off. COVID-19 active and critical cases on the rise.

Internet Shut Down, Massacre, Oppression, Detention: This Time Baluchestan

When Internet is down, crime has begun - it has become a tradition in the “sacred system.” Wherever in this land loses its internet, blood flows from it.

Iran Coronavirus February 26 – Wasting Time & Passivity

Khuzestan continues to struggle while National Task Force refuses to quarantine. Coronavirus UK variant continues to spread through Iran.

Iran Coronavirus February 25 – No Vaccine & No Vaccination Plan

Khuzestan requests help from Tehran for volunteer nurses and healthcare staff. Saeed Namaki hopes by the end of September majority of "vulnerable groups" will be vaccinated against coronavirus in Iran.

Saravan: Wound on Sistan-Baluchestan’s Wound

From the wounds of Saravan, Sistan-Baluchestan is bleeding. IRGC & state-controlled media spread lies without interruption. Internet and communication lines are cut off while catastrophe is in the making…

Iran Coronavirus February 24 – UK Variant Storm

UK variant of coronavirus is taking over Iran. The hospitals in Khuzestan are full and shortage of staff is prevalent. Officials admit the next wave has begun.

Iran Coronavirus February 23 – Black Is The Missing Color

Another pregnant nurse died of COVID-19 in Karaj. Ahvaz, Khuzestan, is on the verge of becoming "black" with full capacity hospitals. Coronavirus UK variant spreads through Iran.


Timeline of brutal crackdown of Iran protests

Iran Coronavirus Live Update Map

Real Iran COVID-19 Case Counts & Deaths for Each Province





The Real Virus in Iran – One Year of Pandemic & Propaganda

Khamenei and his role in devastating management of COVID-19 crisis in Iran.

Fire at Madness’ Hand – Anniversary of Massacre Order

We do not know how many innocent young protesters, children and citizens were arrested and tortured in those days. But we know that from that point on, the days of the regime became days of decline and fall.


Behnam Mahjoubi: Still Fighting

Behnam Mahjoubi's death reports are denied. The latest on the 33-year-old Dervish who's been in prison since June 2020. "Vital signs (even though weak) still there."

Mojahedin-e-Khalgh: Assistants of Regime’s Interrogators – For Hamed Ghareh-Oghlani

MEK should know: by confiscating the names and pictures of the detainees and cooperating with the Islamic regime's interrogators in making cases , it is confronting the overthrow movement.

Inverted Reason – Sacred System’s Sadism

A system in which nothing is rational and comprehensible in itself: the religious preacher is the head of the cabinet. The Chief of Judiciary is a notorious murderer.

Fake Amnesty – Khamenei’s Grudge Against November 2019 Protesters!

A month ago, they blew trumpets about amnesty of their leader and Islamic mercy. It was all propaganda. They promised the release of 157 detained protesters. It was a total lie.

Ruhollah Zam’s Case: Realization Of Bare Life

Ruhollah Zam's father responds to an "unnamed Judiciary official." Ruhollah Zam wasn't aware of his death sentence, and wasn't even allowed to write a will!

Ruhollah Zam-Kidnapped, Tortured & Murdered: Full Featured Sharia Justice

Ruhollah Zam was unaware of his execution sentence confirmation until the night before! He was executed on December 12, 2020!

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