Iran Coronavirus July 6 – Healthcare System is About to Collapse

160 more Iranians lost their lives to COVID-19 and Islamic Republic's incompetency, corruption and lies. The crisis continues and more provinces struggle to survive it.

Israel’s New Front in War with Islamic Republic: Ofek 16

By launching "Ofek 16" spy satellite in orbit to monitor covert activities of regime's nuclear program, Israel has opened a new front against the Islamic Republic's threats.

Iran Coronavirus July 5 – Highest Death Toll Since Outbreak

163 more Iranians died of COVID-19 due to Islamic Republic's incompetency, lies and cover ups to control coronavirus over 137 days!

War Of Phantoms: Riddle Of Recent Explosions In Iran

Lack of legitimacy, maximum pressure, widespread corruption and coronavirus pandemic have made Islamic Republic kneeling on its own neck!

Iran Coronavirus July 4 – Freedom in Islamic Republic, Only for Virus

Dr Mardani says about 18,000,000 Iranians are infected with the novel coronavirus, which is almost 20% of Iran's population. 18 provinces are in critical condition. COVID-19 is spreading faster than it could be controlled.

Iran Coronavirus July 3 – The Country Can’t Breathe

COVID-19 is not slowing down and Islamic Republic is following its same footsteps of the epidemic's early days. Lying, covering up and trying to push through with ifs, buts, and miracles!

Iran Coronavirus July 2 – Dream of Numbers, Death Numbers!

148 more Iranians are killed by COVID-19, Islamic Republic has not only hasn't stopped it but has made coronavirus to even spread and kill faster!

Iran Coronavirus July 1 – COVID vs a Paralyzed System

141 more Iranians died of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours but Islamic Republic is still blaming people and bragging about their "achievements". Astan-e-Quds is worried about "shrine" closure!


Timeline of brutal crackdown of Iran protests

Iran Coronavirus Live Update Map

Real Iran COVID-19 Case Counts & Deaths for Each Province




The Case Of Gholamreza Mansouri : A Déjà-vu

Gholamreza Mansouri has become an infamous celebrity overnight! He's been accused of many crimes, including mass arrest of journalists, internet censorship and accepting 500,000Euros in bribe. Where is he now?!

Iran Coronavirus – Islamic Republic’s Holy War Against COVID-19

The judiciary has begun its role as soon as the regime saw the problem is out of their control. Just like they had done it before. This time they ordered police and other bailiffs to deal with people they believe have "gossiped" in the Corona crisis.

The Relativity Of Breath – A Juxtaposition

A comparison between recent US protests and November 2019 Iran protests, shows the hypocrisy of politicians and media, besides Khamenei's shameless actions.

November Moritats – Maniat

There is something in Maniat’s gaze that grips the soul: it is as if a child's corpse has been buried in his gaze, and as he opens his eyes, veil falls from the ground.

Iran Coronavirus: Model Estimates More than 916,000 Infected and 15,000 Dead

A simulation model estimates the number of coronavirus patients from the beginning of the outbreak in Iran (Feb 20) to March 20 (Persian New Year), totaling over 916,000 and more than 15,485 deaths.


Using Qassem Soleimani to Tarnish Opposition

On November 16, 2019, he was shot dead in Phase 4 of Mehrshahr, Karaj.

Iran on Fire

What burns is not forests, it is Iran; the possibility of living, the environment, and tomorrow of Iran's children, are burning.


Fighting the Poor Instead of Poverty!

Hossein Nejat wants to nip it in the bud but the uprising of Iranians is inevitable, no matter how much time they may buy by their brutality and trumped up charges! No dictatorship could survive forever.

Who Would Rise Up?

Unfortunately, international organizations including the human rights ones, stayed quiet for more than 4 months about their death sentence.

Three Protesters’ Death Sentence is Confirmed

Amir Hossein Moradi (25 years old), who was arrested during the protests in November 2019, no longer felt safe. Saeed Tamjidi (27...

Dumb Violence in Subversive Chapter

With the coronavirus outbreak and the "poverty epidemic", future protests will undoubtedly not only be more widespread, but also will be more decisive and firmer than before in their expression of subversive identity.

November Moritats – Dragon of Mamatin

But everyone saw your tombstone. Everyone understood why the martyr was sitting on a rock like a crooked snake, constantly biting in your name, and you were not anonymous.

November Moritats – Maniat

There is something in Maniat’s gaze that grips the soul: it is as if a child's corpse has been buried in his gaze, and as he opens his eyes, veil falls from the ground.

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