Iran Coronavirus July 13 – Judiciary & COVID-19: A New Partnership

203 more Iranians died of COVID-19 and Islamic Republic's incompetency! Mostaan 110 has failed its test and people are threatened with retaliation if spread the virus!

Iran-China Affaire: Defying U.S. with Abstruse Papers?

Every news outlet and political analyst, including NYTimes, has used an 18-page obscure document which has showed up out of nowhere when Iranians started questioning the Iran-China deal.

Iran Coronavirus July 12 – Khamenei: “With Rouhani & Virus Till 2021”

COVID-19 kills another 194 Iranians, thanks to Islamic Republic mismanagement and "prayers." Khamenei asks for people to help the families in need, once again!

Iran Coronavirus July 11 – Second Wave, Breaking Death Record Every Day… Good Job!

188 more deaths! Unless Islamic Republic decides to change something in the course of controlling COVID-19, this disease will keep killing Iranians for the foreseeable future.

Iran Coronavirus July 10 – Friday: No God, No Prayer

In the past week, on average, 167.6 Iranians per day have lost their lives to COVID-19 and Islamic Republic's incompetency! All big cities in the country are in critical condition.

What is China’s Dream for Iran?!

Knowing these facts about the general policies of the People's Republic of China, any delusion about the consideration of "mutual interests" in the "25-year program of joint Iranian-Chinese cooperation" can only be due to ignorance or betrayal of national interests.

Iran Coronavirus July 9 – New Day, New Death Toll Record

COVID-19 kills 221 more Iranians and break the daily death toll record once again in a 2-day span. Islamic Republic has no plan to control the situation, whatever happens, happens!

The Case of Soheila Hijab Bidsorkhi – IRGC Intelligence at Work!

Making up cases by IRGC intelligence to suppress the voice of freedom fighter and human rights activist, Soheila Hijab. There are numerous cases like hers.


Timeline of brutal crackdown of Iran protests

Iran Coronavirus Live Update Map

Real Iran COVID-19 Case Counts & Deaths for Each Province




Another Lie by IR Regime: “I have Corona too” Campaign

ٰViruses are not living organisms. They lack metabolism. From the day that the inefficiency of the Islamic Republic's regime...

From the Infamous Disease to the 7th Prayer

Khamenei came in front of cameras among the flowers, plants, and birds. Wherever he was, it wasn’t the Islamic Republic of Corona....

Iran Coronavirus Government Narrative – Structures of Lies

Events Review: Late December 2019: One month has passed since bloody November, during which the regime has massacred more than 1500...

Nepotism and Structural Corruption in Regime’s Judiciary

Nepotism, favoritism and cronyism are inseparable parts of the Islamic Republic's Judiciary system. Political prisoners are the victims of this corrupt system, nobody cares about them because they don't have certain genes.

Plague Reading – Palace of Lies

These days, the cabinet is holding its meetings at the heart of this palace while the world is in the grip of a horrific death and a deadly virus is taking the lives of hundreds of people in the streets of Tehran's metropolis every day.


Using Qassem Soleimani to Tarnish Opposition

On November 16, 2019, he was shot dead in Phase 4 of Mehrshahr, Karaj.

Iran on Fire

What burns is not forests, it is Iran; the possibility of living, the environment, and tomorrow of Iran's children, are burning.


The Case of Soheila Hijab Bidsorkhi – IRGC Intelligence at Work!

Making up cases by IRGC intelligence to suppress the voice of freedom fighter and human rights activist, Soheila Hijab. There are numerous cases like hers.

November Moritats – Niktai

She was 14 years old and had to work hard rather than being a child, because her father was religious and she was a poor girl who loved guitar and life.

Fighting the Poor Instead of Poverty!

Hossein Nejat wants to nip it in the bud but the uprising of Iranians is inevitable, no matter how much time they may buy by their brutality and trumped up charges! No dictatorship could survive forever.

Who Would Rise Up?

Unfortunately, international organizations including the human rights ones, stayed quiet for more than 4 months about their death sentence.

Three Protesters’ Death Sentence is Confirmed

Amir Hossein Moradi (25 years old), who was arrested during the protests in November 2019, no longer felt safe. Saeed Tamjidi (27...

Dumb Violence in Subversive Chapter

With the coronavirus outbreak and the "poverty epidemic", future protests will undoubtedly not only be more widespread, but also will be more decisive and firmer than before in their expression of subversive identity.

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