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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Desperate Regime: Separation of University from Street by Curtain

The isolation frenzy of the Islamic Republic...

Nika Shakarami: Teenager Killed in Protests & Her Body Stolen

Nika Shakarami, a name which has been...

Islamic Republic’s Goal in Receiving UN Special Rapporteur

Islamic Republic's corruption and mismanagement has driven Iran's economy to the ground. The regime had hopes that desperate Biden administration may cave in to its demands in removing the IRGC from Foreign Terrorist...

“Religion & Revenge” – Mashhad Incident & 2 Parallel Reading

In Mashhad, a mullah was stabbed to death yesterday, April 5,2022. The other two were taken to hospital in stable condition. The incident took place in the area of ​​the palace built around...

Growth of Globe’s Villages in Global Village

Corona revealed another truth: There has never been anything called a global community. Whether a plurality has become a community or not, can only be determined in the face of harm and threats.
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Farhud – Brotherhood of Resistance Axis & Nazism

Farhud is with us today, in the innermost core of the ideology of hatred and Islamic Revolution, which the criminal and inhumane nature of the Islamic Republic is crystallized around it.

It’s About Saving the Regime – Not JCPOA

Proxy wars and now proxy dialogue! Islamic Republic showed its life depends on lifting sanctions. The regime is after saving its own skin not the JCPOA. The money will be used to destabilize the region and oppressing Iranians, like before.

Next Disaster: Nuclear Deal with the Islamic Republic

German historian Professor Michael Wolffsohn،, in article published on Bild, warns: "The next disaster that will soon happen in the scene of world politics...

Tiandy: The Chinese Company Sells Surveillance & Repression Tools to IRGC

Last week, the IPVM Research Group released a detailed report on the sale of monitoring and video surveillance equipment and tools to the Islamic...

What is China’s Dream for Iran?!

Knowing these facts about the general policies of the People's Republic of China, any delusion about the consideration of "mutual interests" in the "25-year program of joint Iranian-Chinese cooperation" can only be due to ignorance or betrayal of national interests.

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Khamenei’s New Clothes

Although before June 18, 2021, Iran had experienced twelve other presidential elections during the four decades of the Islamic Republic, what happened that Friday was so different, so unique that showed us a deep cut in history and marked a turning point for us rather than the thirteenth election. Not because the number of presidential candidates registered this year was much lower than previous terms, not because only seven of them passed the Guardian Council filter, which was no different...

School Girls: Public Enemies of Ayatollahs – Case of Asra Panahi

A gathering of “Ladies and Girls of Prophet” in Ardabil was arranged by the propaganda arm of the regime on October 12 to counter the ongoing anti-regime protests. Girls and teachers from schools...

“We’ll See Each Other On the Other Side of the Wall” – Toomaj Salehi

“The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs. It’s the same thing, fear, but it’s what you do with it that matters.”Cus...

Iran: Crime Against Humanity – This & Nothing Else

As we enter the 10th week of Iran Revolution, UN Human Rights Council is to hold an emergency session on Iran and how Islamic...

Oral Sentences, IRIB’s Charades – Abbas Deris & His Brother Mohsen

"In Mahshahr, the situation was different from other regions," the exclusive report of the Islamic Republic Radio and Television (IRIB), titled "reflections on the project of pretend-dead in recent incidents in the hostile media," began with this sentence which...

Salman Rushdie – You Cannot Just Delete An Assassination Order

Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, 75, renowned author and winner of Booker Prize in 1981, was attacked by...

Iran Deal: The Rise of “Lesser Evil” in Belgian Parliament

Overnight, a bill was approved in the Belgian parliament, which makes it possible to exchange prisoners between Belgium and the Islamic Republic in the...

Another Iran-Deal – The Same Mistake

The Belgium's Foreign Relations Committee cleared the contentious "Prisoner Swap Treaty" with the Islamic Republic. The draft bill will pave the way for the...

Islamic Center of Hamburg: Spiders’ Pole

The network that the Islamic Center of Hamburg, as an affiliate of the Islamic Republic, has woven around itself over the past four decades, though complex, is very similar to the famous Qur'anic image: loose and fragile, like a "spider's web."

#RaisiTerrorist: Shame On the EU!

Italy, Austria & Switzerland presidents send congratulatory messages to the butcher of Tehran. The European Union sends a special delegation to legitimize the human rights violator & criminal, Raisi. Shame on you all!