Friday, April 16, 2021

May the memory and names of those who were killed by the criminal islamic regime's thugs be cherished. We won't forgive or forget!

Iran Coronavirus April 15 – Censoring Black from COVID Map

Another epitome of Islamic Republic mismanagement of COVID-19 crisis in Iran. 148 counties are in dire situation. Saeed Namaki promises mass coronavirus vaccination in 20 days!

Iran Coronavirus April 14 – New Record: 25,582

COVID-19 is breaking records every day in Iran. Meanwhile, Saeed Namaki is worried about "enemy" and "Ramadan." Only 0.12% of Iranians have been fully vaccinated.

Iran Coronavirus April 13 – National COVID-19 Task Force Seized by Ayatollahs

Religious leaders want a seat at the National Task Force to express their opinions about "religion healing COVID-19." Coronavirus vaccination remains a major problem in Iran.

Iran Coronavirus April 12 – Black Vaccination & COVID Status, Permission for Ramadan Gatherings

Saeed Namaki allows crowded Ramdan gatherings in the height of COVID-19 in Iran and record-breaking numbers. He is also accused of murdering 7 nurses.

Secrecy Levels – Islamic Republic’s 25-Year Agreement with China

If JCPOA is revived, it will help China implement the 25-year colonial “secret agreement" it has signed with the Islamic Republic. JCPOA is a key that unlocks all the regime's locks.

Iran Coronavirus April 11 – Full Hospitals, Exhausted Staff, Incompetent Regime

Saeed Namaki says the coronavirus map would become "black" in the next few days. COVID-19 continues to fill hospitals across Iran with officials lagging on vaccination!

Iran Coronavirus April 10 – Semi Lockdown- Full Contagion

Hassan Rohani and Khamenei are the main reasons for the current coronavirus catastrophe in Iran. COVID-19 cases continue to rise while "restrictions are just word play!"

Iran Coronavirus April 9 – Blackness of Red

Islamic Republic officials announce a "semi-lockdown" for 10 days in "high risk" areas of coronavirus. Nurses and others protest against regime's COVID-19 vaccination program.


Timeline of brutal crackdown of Iran protests

Iran Coronavirus Live Update Map

Real Iran COVID-19 Case Counts & Deaths for Each Province






Visiting November 2019 Detainees

Islamic Republic prisons' horrifying situation. Political prisoners have to sleep standing up or pay for a bed on a weekly basis. Treatment, yard,... everything costs and officials benefit from it all.

Behnam Mahjoubi: Still Fighting

Behnam Mahjoubi's death reports are denied. The latest on the 33-year-old Dervish who's been in prison since June 2020. "Vital signs (even though weak) still there."

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