Thursday, May 13, 2021

May the memory and names of those who were killed by the criminal islamic regime's thugs be cherished. We won't forgive or forget!

Iran Coronavirus May 13, 2021 – First Deaths From Indian & South African Variants

First deaths from South African and Indian variants of coronavirus are reported in Iran. Islamic Republic officials continue to hold religious gatherings despite warnings.

Iran Coronavirus May 12, 2021 – Vaccine Mirage

Nurses remain unvaccinated and underappreciated. COVID-19 remains a major threat across Iran, despite Islamic Republic officials' claims. Empty promises continue.

Iran Coronavirus May 11, 2021 – Eid Fitr Trap: Travel Ban Confusion & Regime’s Income From COVID-19 Fines!

Billions in income for the regime from intentional COVID-19 mismanagement. Islamic Republic officials claim COVIran Barekat, Iran's domestic COVID-19 vaccine, ready for administration, 15 days after start of 3rd phase of clinical trial!

Iran Coronavirus May 10, 2021 – Direr Days Ahead

Islamic Republic officials continue their empty promises about COVID-19 vaccination. Tehran remains "red" despite Ministry of Health designation!

Iran Coronavirus May 9, 2021 – Eid Fitr Prayers Across the Country

Hassan Rouhani repeats his previous empty promises. Islamic Republic insists on holding Eid Fitr gatherings across Iran despite COVID-19 ravaging through the country.

Iran Coronavirus May 8, 2021 – No Vaccine, Just Numbers!

Hassan Rouhani claims a vastly different number of COVID-19 vaccines are in Iran from the actual imported doses. Coronavirus variants continue to spread through the country.

Iran Coronavirus May 7, 2021 – Organizing “Spontaneous” Quds Day Gatherings Amid COVID Wave

Indian coronavirus variant finds its way to other provinces, warning another COVID-19 wave is on the way. A study proves underreported COVID-19 death toll in Iran.

Iran Coronavirus May 6, 2021 – Friday Prayers, Qadr Nights Gatherings & Vaccination Lies

Hassan Rouhani's claim about COVID-19 vaccination in Iran is shattered by National Task Force Spokesman. More Indian coronavirus variant cases are confirmed.


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Visiting November 2019 Detainees

Islamic Republic prisons' horrifying situation. Political prisoners have to sleep standing up or pay for a bed on a weekly basis. Treatment, yard,... everything costs and officials benefit from it all.

Behnam Mahjoubi: Still Fighting

Behnam Mahjoubi's death reports are denied. The latest on the 33-year-old Dervish who's been in prison since June 2020. "Vital signs (even though weak) still there."

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