Wednesday, January 20, 2021

May the memory and names of those who were killed by the criminal islamic regime's thugs be cherished. We won't forgive or forget!

Iran Coronavirus January 19 – Organizing Mass Events While Forbidding Vaccine

Islamic Republic has organized crowded religious gatherings, Friday Prayers and funerals but banned vaccines! They're also mass producing a vaccine which has just started its first phase!

Kaveh Afrasiabi – Smiling Ribbentrop’s agent caught in the act

Islamic Republic's agents around the world, especially US, are paid to push their lies and propaganda! Kaveh Afrasiabi, one of the many, is caught red-handed.

Iran Coronavirus January 18 – Cycle Of Wrong Decisions: April Again

Dr. Zali warns about premature reopenings and the next peak! Saeed Namaki asks healthcare staff to be ready for the next coronavirus peaks in Iran.

Iran Coronavirus January 17 – Fatemeh Kills Through IR & Covid-19

Islamic Republic contradictions surrounding COVID-19 vaccine in Iran continue! Crowded Fatemieh gatherings, without following any protocols, are held across the country.

Iran Coronavirus January 16 – Clerics Issue Prescriptions, Physicians Fatwa!

Fatemieh gatherings continue to grow even though officials claim they're banned! Fourth peak of coronavirus is on the horizon with signs from across Iran. While clerics issue prescriptions like "camel urine" or "violet oil", physicians issue fatwa!

Iran Coronavirus January 15 – Khamenei: Still The More Dangerous Virus

Officials continue to warn about the next coronavirus peak in Iran, objecting reopening schools! 5 million students have been deprived of education!

Iran Coronavirus January 14 – Healthcare Staff Unable To Face Next Peak

COVID-19 in Iran finds new momentum as Islamic Republic officials disagree on reopening schools! Fatemieh gatherings and Friday Prayers are to be held despite warnings.

Iran Coronavirus January 13 – Next Peak Announced

Islamic Republic mismanagement of power, gas, air quality and COVID-19 in Iran has reached a new high. Saeed Namaki warns about a worse next peak!


Timeline of brutal crackdown of Iran protests

Iran Coronavirus Live Update Map

Real Iran COVID-19 Case Counts & Deaths for Each Province





Fire at Madness’ Hand – Anniversary of Massacre Order

We do not know how many innocent young protesters, children and citizens were arrested and tortured in those days. But we know that from that point on, the days of the regime became days of decline and fall.

A Talk with Compatriots – Live Streaming of Prince Reza Pahlavi Speech on #پیمان_نوین

Prince Reza Pahlavi speaks to Iranians about a new covenant for the country, opposing & toppling Islamic Republic!


Inverted Reason – Sacred System’s Sadism

A system in which nothing is rational and comprehensible in itself: the religious preacher is the head of the cabinet. The Chief of Judiciary is a notorious murderer.

Fake Amnesty – Khamenei’s Grudge Against November 2019 Protesters!

A month ago, they blew trumpets about amnesty of their leader and Islamic mercy. It was all propaganda. They promised the release of 157 detained protesters. It was a total lie.

Ruhollah Zam’s Case: Realization Of Bare Life

Ruhollah Zam's father responds to an "unnamed Judiciary official." Ruhollah Zam wasn't aware of his death sentence, and wasn't even allowed to write a will!

Ruhollah Zam-Kidnapped, Tortured & Murdered: Full Featured Sharia Justice

Ruhollah Zam was unaware of his execution sentence confirmation until the night before! He was executed on December 12, 2020!

Talk About Hamed Ghareh-Oghlani

Hamed Ghareh-Oghlani's arrest is more like kidnapping. His lawyer was more of a dealer than a lawyer, his court was more of a revolution than a court of justice.

Bleeding Traces Of November 2019

A year has passed! Iranians mourn the loss of their brothers and sisters and will continue their way to achieve prosperity, regardless of who is the President of what country. As long as Islamic Republic is there, Iranians’ fight for liberty continues.

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