Every news outlet and political analyst, including NYTimes, has used an 18-page obscure document which has showed up out of nowhere when Iranians started questioning the Iran-China deal.
Knowing these facts about the general policies of the People's Republic of China, any delusion about the consideration of "mutual interests" in the "25-year program of joint Iranian-Chinese cooperation" can only be due to ignorance or betrayal of national interests.
She was 14 years old and had to work hard rather than being a child, because her father was religious and she was a poor girl who loved guitar and life.
Institutions’ parallelization, structurelessness and Gleichschaltung, certainly protects the central core of power, or the totalitarian movement, from confrontation with the outside world and accountability to the public mind. But this protection is not cheap.
Lack of legitimacy, maximum pressure, widespread corruption and coronavirus pandemic have made Islamic Republic kneeling on its own neck!
Military Prosecutor explains the "human error" and blames low level defense system operator as the cause of PS752 downing by IRGC missiles. Islamic Republic lied about the cause for 3 days.
With 41 years history of "official" statements as a cover for pure lies, how can anybody believe anything "officials" say?! COVID-19, PS752 and November 2019 protests are just the most recent ones!
Hossein Nejat wants to nip it in the bud but the uprising of Iranians is inevitable, no matter how much time they may buy by their brutality and trumped up charges! No dictatorship could survive forever.
With the coronavirus outbreak and the "poverty epidemic", future protests will undoubtedly not only be more widespread, but also will be more decisive and firmer than before in their expression of subversive identity.
Islamic Republic has turned Iran, one of the richest countries in the world, into a place where kids contemplate committing suicide and elites run away for a better life.


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