203 more Iranians died of COVID-19 and Islamic Republic's incompetency! Mostaan 110 has failed its test and people are threatened with retaliation if spread the virus!
Every news outlet and political analyst, including NYTimes, has used an 18-page obscure document which has showed up out of nowhere when Iranians started questioning the Iran-China deal.
COVID-19 kills another 194 Iranians, thanks to Islamic Republic mismanagement and "prayers." Khamenei asks for people to help the families in need, once again!
188 more deaths! Unless Islamic Republic decides to change something in the course of controlling COVID-19, this disease will keep killing Iranians for the foreseeable future.
In the past week, on average, 167.6 Iranians per day have lost their lives to COVID-19 and Islamic Republic's incompetency! All big cities in the country are in critical condition.
Knowing these facts about the general policies of the People's Republic of China, any delusion about the consideration of "mutual interests" in the "25-year program of joint Iranian-Chinese cooperation" can only be due to ignorance or betrayal of national interests.
COVID-19 kills 221 more Iranians and break the daily death toll record once again in a 2-day span. Islamic Republic has no plan to control the situation, whatever happens, happens!
Islamic Republic leaders are scared to their core from the upcoming unrest, something more widespread and radical than November 2019, but at the same time struggling to weather COVID-19 storm safely.
200 is the highest daily death toll in Iran due to COVID-19. The situation in Iran is out of control with most hospitals at full capacity. Islamic Republic keep blaming people for no reason!
160 more Iranians lost their lives to COVID-19 and Islamic Republic's incompetency, corruption and lies. The crisis continues and more provinces struggle to survive it.


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