Proxy mob of the Islamic Republic attacks Iranians outside "Deewan Al-Kafeel" in London and injures 4 Iranians. As Iranians are happy for Raisi' death, Islamic Republic uses its proxy forces to mourn its dead!

    On Friday evening, May 24, 2024, when the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, went to the Islamic Republic representative office in New York to “pay respects” to the “Butcher of Tehran”, Ebrahim Raisi and his Foreign Minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian, in the Wembley neighborhood of London, supporters of the Islamic Republic, in the form of obscene and black-clad men, to “pay their respect”, attacked a number of Iranians present there. They injured 4 people: Bahar, Navid, Babak, Eli.

    5 days before this, on Sunday afternoon, May 19, 2024, the helicopter carrying Ebrahim Raisi and his companions “was in an accident” in Varzaqan region of East Azarbaijan province, according to government media reports. All passengers and crew were killed. With much delay, many lies and contradictions, the regime confirmed the death of one of its most criminal members. Immediately, extensive propaganda was started for the mourning ceremony, which in Shia ritualism is a disguise for organizing and mobilizing forces in the field. The heads of terrorist proxy groups of the regime in the region came to Tehran from Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza, etc. Raisi and his companions were declared “martyrs”. At the same time, the regime’s media began to erase the “blood traces” from the faces of the president and the officials killed in the accident. A number of politicians in the West called the death of the “butcher” a tragic event and expressed their condolences.   The latest to mourn the death of the butcher: the United Nations, Antonio Guterres.

    Since Iranian citizens were not mourning, the regime brought foreign nationals to the street demonstration. More than 100,000 Afghans were hired for this purpose in the city of Mashhad alone, according to the officials of the General Administration of Foreign Nationals and Immigrants in Khorasan Razavi province.

    Yesterday at Wembley in London, as it appears from the initial review of the videos and the eyewitnesses statements, the regime used “mourning non-Iranian proxy forces” to attack “Iranians who were celebrating the Butcher of Tehran’s death”. The man in the clips, who attacks and beats “Bahar” while on the ground and yelling “Help!”, has been identified on social media as “Hekmat (Abu Zainab)”: an Iraqi shiite. 

    A few hours ago, the Metropolitan Police released a statement detailing the incident. In this statement, it is said that at 18:21 on Friday evening, May 24, 2024, police were requested at “Alperton Lane” located in “Wembley” neighborhood of London. At that address, a ceremony was supposed to be held by supporters of the Islamic Republic for Raisi’s death. Some opponents of the regime were also present outside the building where the ceremony was held. Along with the police, an ambulance was sent to the location. 4 people were injured. One person was arrested. Investigations for other violations and identification of people involved in this matter are ongoing.

    Eyewitnesses, however, in an interview with IranTrue, have described the incident:

    The “Council of Scholars and Islamic Centers of Britain” had organized a vigil to “pay respect” to the officials killed in the helicopter crash of the Islamic Republic, for Friday, May 24, at “Dewan Al-Kafeel” building, located at “120 Alperton Lane”, Wembley, London. between 6:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

    “The Council of Scholars” on behalf of the Islamic Republic, organizes a vigil for Raisi

    Like other Iranians, we wanted to show our happiness about the death of “Butcher of Tehran” and took advantage of this opportunity. Navid says, he and several others arrived at “Dewan Al-Kafeel” a little earlier than the rest of the Iranians. As soon as we played the “Helicopter” song, a man wearing a cap ordered the others to attack us. I had a surgery 2 weeks prior and I have some stitches. “Bahar” tried to push me aside so I wouldn’t get hit. The agents of the brutal regime attacked Bahar. They threw her on the ground and punched and kicked her.

    Niyak, one of Navid’s friends, who was with Navid at Ealing Hospital, says that “Babak” (one of the Iranians present at the gathering) was injured in the neck. They hit him on the head and neck with a baton. He convulsed and because of that he stayed in the hospital. “Eli” (another Iranian) was also injured, but she was discharged from the hospital. Navid was hospitalized due to severe injuries. “Bahar” (the girl who was beaten by the Iraqi man) was transferred to another hospital. The nurse at Ealing Hospital did not like the fact that Bahar’s friends and relatives were calling to inquire about her condition and discharged her.

    Niyak: Unbelievable! Charge nurse at Ealing hospital, refuses to treat Bahar and complains about receiving so many calls about Bahar’s condition, wants to discharge her!

    Niyak says: “Those who attacked us were the Islamic Republic thugs. They already knew us. They even followed us to the hospital. These thugs have acted by direct order from the Embassy of the Islamic Republic in London.”

    The regime’s embassy in London has called its proxy mob in front of the embassy building located in “Princess Gate” for today, Saturday May 25.

    In response to these attacks by the regime goons, Prince Reza Pahlavi tweeted:

    The violent attackers who attacked peaceful Iranians in London must be arrested, prosecuted and held accountable!

    Proxy Mourners & Happy Iranians: Pro-Regime Goons Attack Iranians Joyous for Raisi’s Death in London


    • Pro-Islamic Republic people organize a vigil for Raisi.
    • Iranians go there to show their joy in Raisi's death.
    • Pro-regime (mostly proxy forces) people attack the joyous Iranians, injuring 4.
    • Role of Islamic Republic Embassy in London
    • Prince Reza Pahlavi: Pro-regime goons must be held accountable.