Raisi's crimes, at least in his name, have not stopped even after his helicopter crash and death. Iranians are threatened, arrested, detained, and sent to solitary confinement for "being happy after his death!"

    Raisi committed many crimes while he was alive. Some of them are considered “crimes against humanity”. But this article does not intend to deal with these crimes. Here are the cases of human rights violations that were caused by “Raisi’s death!” Yes, Ebrahim Raisi, if not himself, but his name, even after his death, continues to suppress and create an atmosphere of terror, to trample on the rights of citizens and violate the right of Iranians to freedom of speech. 

    A cursory review of the reports published by regime-affiliated media, human rights sources, and social media users, shows that since Raisi’s death, in the past 10 days, the regime has arrested at least 18 people for “not mourning Raisi’s death”. The Islamic Republic has summoned hundreds of people, interrogated them, and filed legal cases against them. They have sealed businesses, removed online pages, and blocked citizens’ bank accounts. Thousands of people have been threatened and intimidated by the mercenaries of intelligence agencies via phone calls.

    Let’s take a look at Raisi’s “post-helicopter” crimes:

    Reza Babrnejad was arrested on May 20 at his mother’s house and transferred to Ghochan prison. According to the latest reports, Reza is still in prison.
    Mehr news agency reported the arrest of two people in Golestan province on May 21.
    According to HRANA report, Maryam Dolatabadi was arrested on May 21 in Sabzevar.
    On May 23, Borna reported the arrest of 1 person in Qom’s “Kahak”.
    Ali Reyhani Kajvar was arrested on May 23.
    Arslan Nik was arrested on May 23.
    In Fouman, 7 people were arrested on May 25.
    Kamiyar Bamdad was arrested on May 25 in Shanderman, Masal.
    Ashkan Ismaeilnejad was arrested on May 26 in Bukan.
    Sajjad Moradi-Vandan was arrested yesterday, May 29, in Abdanan and transferred to Dareshahr prison.

    The head of Islamic Republic Cyber Police (FATA), Vahid Majid, announced on May 21 that a court case was filed against 80 websites.
    Manijeh Moazen, translator and journalist, announced a court case was filed against her, on May 21.
    Behrouz Izadi, a former political prisoner from Gorgan, was summoned and forced to sign a “commitment letter.”
    8 people were arrested in Kerman on May 22.
    The bank accounts of Shirin Najafi, sister of Late Hadith Najafi who was killed by regime thugs in 2022 revolution, were blocked.
    Mohammad Ardeshir Khamushi was summoned on May 23.
    In Bushehr, a court case was filed against 14 of the administrators of the social media pages.
    In the city of Mashhad, three members of the “Sheybani Zaveh” family were summoned and interrogated for hours by the Police Counter Intelligence Org .
    10 students of Babol Noshirvani University of Technology were summoned for “reposting a dance film”.
    Hyman Mam-Khosravi, brother of Late Hajar Mam-Khosravi who was killed by the Islamic Republic in 2022 revolution, was summoned to Bukan’s Intelligence Ministry Office.

    288 social media users were threatened and intimidated by IRGC’s Sarallah Kerman Intelligence via phone calls.
    Foaad Chubin, uncle of Late Artin Rahmani, 17 years old, who was killed in 2022 revolution, reported his sisters have been threatened by intelligence goons of the Islamic Republic:

    Foaad Chubin: “Intelligence, today, threatened my sisters Hengameh Chubin (mother of Artin Rahmani) and Roja Chubin. They said: This is your last warning. If you post anything, be happy because of what happened to the president, we won’t hesitate to kill your other children!”

    The scope of repression and brutality of the Islamic Republic was extended to prisons. On May 20, at the same time as the regime announced “public mourning”, prisoners of Karaj Central Prison happily announced “General Food” movement, where they prepare food for everybody. As a result, the prison guards attacked the political prisoners. Zartosht Ahmadi Ragheb was transferred to solitary for his joy in Raisi’s death.

    Now, the United Nations held a commemoration ceremony for Raisi’s death on May 30, at 10:00 a.m. ET.

    Raisi’s helicopter had an accident on Sunday evening, May 19, according to regime sources. One day later, Monday, May 20, the death of Raisi and all the helicopter passengers was officially announced.

    From that day, some politicians outside Iran – some in the name of adherence to “protocol” and “custom” and some due to affiliation and solidarity – condoled the death of Tehran’s Butcher.

    The subordinate institutions and committees of the United Nations are currently evaluating and investigating the dimensions and volume of crimes committed by the head of the executive branch, the head of the judiciary, judge and prosecutor and member of the “death commission”, Ebrahim Raisi, known as “Butcher of Tehran”. Meanwhile, Dennis Francis, the head of the general assembly of the organization, went to the representative office of the Islamic Republic on Thursday, May 23, and expressed his condolences. And after him, Antonio Guterres.

    Dennis Francis, two days before going to the representative office of the Islamic Republic in New York, announced the “President’s memorial ceremony” will be held in the General Assembly for today, Thursday, May 30, in a statement.

    Translation of this post by Sahar.

    Post-Helicopter Crimes of Raisi in Iran, Condolences in New York


    • Raisi's crimes do not stop after his death.
    • Iranians have been deprived of their most basic rights, including happiness!
    • Many have been threatened, arrested, interrogated, and detained for not "mourning Raisi!"
    • Meanwhile, UN commemorated the Butcher of Tehran in its General Assembly in New York on May 30.